10 Unique & Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers, Friends & Everyone Else

Christmas is drawing near, bringing along with it a lot of excitement and errands to run. One of the most  awaited parts of Christmas party has to be the exchange of gifts during Secret Santa. But it comes with its own share of worry because it is honestly so hard to find the perfect gift. Well, we took the liberty of sorting that for you and have curated a list of products that you can pick for your Secret Santa gifts:

  1. Bobbleheads

You can never wrong with bobbleheads, especially the ones at Snooplay. These bobbleheads can function as action figures and some even as phone stands! Not only are these of premium quality, the bobbleheads we have will make a perfect gift for anyone; a Marvel fan, a DC fan, a 

football enthusiast, a Friends fan or even a hobbyist. 


Bobbleheads online India best price

  1. Groot Multipurpose Holder

Apart from being the most adorable guardian of the galaxy, Groot can also come in handy by functioning as a multipurpose holder which can be used as a pen stand, a make-up holder, a plant pot or even as a showpiece. This would be an ideal gift for someone who likes to have their desk space sorted. 

Groot Multipurpose Stand

  1. Cute Unicorn Mug

It has been a well known fact that mugs make very good gifts for everyone. But to add that extra charm to your gift, here’s this cute unicorn mug that will not only make your coworker’s coffee time magical but will also easily be the prettiest thing on their desk. 

Cute Unicorn Mug Online India Best Price

  1. Astronaut Mobile Stand

A phone stand one can place anywhere including their desk or dashboard of a car, this Astronaut Mobile Phone stand will be a suitable present for anyone who likes minimalist things. With this quirky stand, one can navigate their way through long traffic jams into the space. 

Astronaut Mobile Phone Stand Online India Best Price

  1. Central Perk Keychain

Let your friend know that you’ll be there for them even when it hasn’t been their day, their month or even their year with this Central Perk keychain, while also planning your future house that has a separate room for them like Chandler did for Joey. 

Central Perk FRIENDS Keychain Online India Best Price
  1. Fry Day Eye Mask

Even though you can’t make Friday come early, you can give your foodie friend this eye mask as an ideal gift for secret santa. It’s soft on the eyes, easy to carry and also effective in blocking light. Moreover, it helps one keep their quirk on, even as they catch up on sleep.

Wake me When Its Fry Day

  1. Arctic Fox Pot Lunch Bag

Let’s be honest, you love it when your colleague shares their mom’s favourite dishes with you during potluck lunches. For the colleague who loves sharing her/his food with you, this Arctic Fox Pot Lunch Bag will make the perfect gift, which will also be very useful. 

Arctic Fox Pot Lunch Box Online India Best Price

  1. Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards

Adding some glam to the regular deck of playing cards, this will make an ideal gift for someone who likes to party in style and even a poker enthusiast. This is a premium quality deck that includes 52 cards. 

Gold Plated Playing Cards Online India Best Price

  1. Thanos Eye Changing Action Figure

Looking for the perfect gift for a Marvel fan? Look no further. Snooplay brings to you a great collection of Marvel themed products for everyone and one of them is the Thanos eye changing action figure. This figure can function as a bobblehead, a toy as well as a display figure for your desk. 

Thanos Eye changing Mighty Mugs

  1. Chocolate Notepad

A quick glance at it would make you believe it is a real chocolate, but it is not. Even better, it is a chocolate shaped notepad, made of high quality, anti dust, and wear resistant material. It would make an ideal gift for your chocolate lover friend. 

Chocolate Notepad Online India Best Price

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