12 Rakhi Gift Suggestions for all Ages

This year, Rakhi falls on August 11. While it's three days away, the air has already been filled with excitement for the last few weeks. Were you, or are you still, scratching your heads for some rakhi gift ideas that your children, brothers and sisters would love to give and get? Well, you can stop now. This article offers you a variety of gifts to choose from because your shopping experience should be as comfortable as possible.

But what is Raksha Bandhan? How is it celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival dedicated to the bond of brothers and sisters. On this occasion, sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers. This act is a symbol of protection -brothers vowing to protect their sisters and stand by their sides for whatever trials and tribulations that life may throw at them. Sisters also pray for their brother's good health, prosperity and long life. In return, their brothers surprise them with gifts.

To keep your shopping experience easy and convenient, we have listed 10 rakhi gift ideas that brothers and sisters will surely love to have on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

1. Awesome Rakhi Combos

Everyone owns a personality that you only know best. After all, they are your children or brothers or sisters. Fortunately, you won't need to search further to pick a gift that's best for them. We have a variety to choose from such as these 14 quirky rakhis for 14 quirky personalities. And we are sure that one of them fits their personality.

While this is already an incredible gift, it is made more exciting by pairing each rakhi with a toy. Check this Instagram reel for the combo pack and wander no more. Get 10% off when you order above Rs.600.

For Kids Aged 3-6 Years

2. Monster Car Track Set 

This multi-coloured, bendable track can be assembled in any fashion, shape and design. Its feature --a bendable track with 60-degree movement-- boosts your child's creativity. It encourages them to simulate all types of terrains, design their own track hurdles and create various fun rude shapes: all are stimulating activities that help develop your child's motor and cognitive skills.

Buy your children this toy as a perfect gift to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

3. Happy Magnetic Farm

These magnetic and non-magnetic edge blocks are easy to hold and safe, which makes this set a perfect toy for simulating house construction. Playing with this toy enhances thinking ability and improves hand-eye coordination, handling ability and concentration. It also encourages a child to explore designs for a farmhouse.

4. Activity Play Gym

This Raksha Bandhan, what better gift than this toy that can be played with and enjoyed by a number of children at the same time! It is excellent for climbing, balancing, hanging, and more --all are activities to enhance motor skills and overall body development. 

This activity play gym set can be easily assembled into multiple different structures for the young ones to play with and have fun with while the adults share life with other grown-ups.

For Kids Aged 7-12 Years

5. Billiards Snooker Pool Table

Whether it's a party night with friends or a weekend family get-together, a table-top pool game is one of the best options to spend quality, fun time with your loved ones. On Raksha Bandhan, why not let this toy be the gift that the entire family is waiting for? That sounds like a great idea, right? Also, it is discounted by 16%. So make someone happier today with this in their hands.

6. Mandala Art - The Colouring Kit

Various skills are best learned at a young age, for the mind has much room left to accommodate details that are essential when children grow up. At this age, learning the Mandala Art is an excellent time to learn. So go ahead and gift your children this kit for this occasion so both brother and sister, including some cousins, could learn the skill of Mandala.

For Kids Aged 13-17 Years

7. Scotland Yard Board Game

This game teaches you the art of deduction to solve mysteries and crimes but in a more fun way. Like the famous book of Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes who consulted with Scotland Yard, this game requires quick thinking and strategies to find evidence in order to solve crimes. 

This game set is certainly a winner. Get it here.

 8. The Great Wall of China Jigsaw Puzzle

The Great Wall of China is the longest wall and the biggest ancient architecture in the world. For many, visiting it is a dream destination, one that is a must on someone's bucket list. While some have granted themselves this dream, for others, it remains a virtual reality. However, we are hopeful that you can visit the place yourself one day. But before you do, why not familiarise yourself or your children with this puzzle? Since it includes a reference sheet and history, this gift will push their interest to the peak. The complete puzzle also measures 60 cm by 46 cm, a size big enough for everyone in the family to enjoy the game.

9. Tabletop Football Big with Detachable Legs (Foosball Game)

Commonly considered as both a sport and a game, Foosball is made for all occasions. It can be played between two or among four players. The aim of this fun tabletop game is to try to move the ball into the opponent's goal. How to win the game, however, is a combination of agility and strategy.

This Rakhi, gift this game to your loved ones and let the family witness some actions.

Gifts for Grown-ups

10. Toilet Pot Metallic Keychain

Do you know what this object means? Well, you can give it a handful of interpretations, but we view it as something that defines a friendship (or any relationship, for that matter) that has gone through a trial by fire and ice, especially the 'shitty' times. Yeah, you figure! a 

This is just such a novelty you won't miss this Rakhi. A source of a good laugh, perhaps? Why not try your luck, eh?

Gifts for Differently-Abled Children or With Special Needs

11. Braille Sudoku Puzzle Wooden Board Game

Sudoku can be played offline or online. While there are abundant sudoku puzzles online, differently-abled people will need a special one. After all, they too need to share the fun, yes? Well, this Raksha Bandhan, what about gifting this wonderful gift to someone who truly needs it? Sounds more fun to me, doesn't it?

12. Whisper Phone (Solo)

Whisper Phone is known to improve reading rates, reduce stuttering and improve phrasing and fluency, thereby boosting a child's confidence levels. This hands-free whisper phone comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is also a great pick for a struggling reader, a person exhibiting dyslexia, autism, or auditory processing disorder. 

It also comes in Duet.

Avoid delay now that you have some pretty good ideas on what to get your children, brothers, or sisters.


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