13 Best Pretend Play Toy Sets for Toddlers: Kitchen Set Toys for Kids

Kids learn the best skills from interesting Toys and Games. Pretend playset help in understanding the world around them and organizing it in a way that they can learn and accommodate to. As kids grow up they watch their parents and other elders perform many duties, some professional, some personal. It is important for them to eventually take up these roles as well. Cooking and taking care of the kitchen is one of the basic skills that we need as adults.

As kids, they might be free from all the day-to-day activities that go in a kitchen but they are always observing you and learning from you.  Kitchen set toys for kids help in providing children their own little space so that they can understand and learn about cooking, cleaning, and other kitchen-related activities.  These are amazing  toys that you can get as gifts for kids.  We have a list of 13 best pretend play toys for toddlers which are mainly kitchen set toys for kids and we hope you will pick from this and make sure your kids have the best.

1. My sweet kitchen set for kids battery operated

A fun and lively kitchen set which is battery-operated. This playset comes with a light and sound feature.  Your child would not just be playing with the kitchen toys but also will be alert and entertained by the music and the lights that come from this toy set. You will find a Chimney water purifier, and stove attached to the green counter.  The color combination of this pretend play kitchen set is something that we find adorable and we are sure your kid would love it too. 

2. Fruit set for kids (learn chopping)

Fruit set toys for kids are very important for your child to introduce them to the various new fruits.  These amazing toys also come with the feature of chopping the toys.  Your child can pretend play to chop the fruits and play role play games with it.

3. Vegetable set for kids (learn chopping)

Vegetable toys are quite vital for little kids.  While they have begin eating all kinds of food they need to understand the names of these vegetables as well.  It will encourage them to take part in understanding nutrition.  These are also great pretend play toys that they can use to learn chopping skills.

4. Kitchen cooking set with play suitcase

Your kid needs the most brightly coloured cooking set to play with.  This will attract them to take up this toy and the various cooking toys that come with it.  The Kitchen play suitcase can be used to carry the kitchen cooking set.  You will also find vegetable toys along with this cooking kit for kids.

5. Kitchen set with music and light

Nothing screams fun like a light and sound toy.  Imagine our kitchen set toy which has music and light features?  Wouldn't that be your child's first preference at any toy store? Well, you can get this amazing kitchen kit for kids which comes with kitchen pots and 14 other toy kitchen accessories.

5. Cooking suitcase playset for kids

The yellow cooking kit holds all the best toys that a child needs in their kitchen toy set.   The pretend play toys range from all kinds of cutlery like spatulas, forks, spoons, knives and so much more to toy pots and toy frying pans to even vegetable toys.  These real looking mini toys are exactly what your child needs as the kitchen playset. 

6. Sweet shop cart playset pretend play toy

Getting a good cup of ice cream every now and then is great.  But we understand if you are being a responsible parent  and limiting your child's sugar intake. In the meantime, you can get this ice cream party dough set  for your kid.  You will be making ice cream using play doh.  You can already see the same smile that they have while they have fun eating ice cream while they play with this cooking set. Don't worry this is a non-toxic and very safe play doh set for your child.

7. Shopping Cart playset for kids

Cooking kits and playsets are not just about what's happening in the kitchen.  Your child might like a vegetable toy shop play Set which has Vegetable cart filled with toy vegetables and other groceries.  This playset for toddlers will be great for pretend play and role play games.  It is through play kits like the vegetable toy shop the children learn about the world around them.

8. Wooden Chakla Belan

The Classic wooden Chakla belan is a perfect kitchen toy set that you need to get for your kid.  Used in almost all households in India,  your childhood love to have a  wooden toy like this one in their toy collection  Most of the kitchen toy sets are made of plastic or steel. The wooden Chakla belan will bring authenticity and give your child the satisfaction of playing with real  like toys.

9. Super kitchen collection kitchen set

Have you wondered if you could have an entire kitchen set?  Yes,  we are not talking about just spoons and a few frying pans but bottles,  cutlery, Utensils,  pressure cooker,  gas stove,  mixer-grinder,  refrigerator,  and what about a dining table? Does that sound like a lot? Well, you can get all these kitchen toys for your little one when you buy the super kitchen collection kitchen set. Truly going by its name it is a super collection of all the kitchen toys that you can get in a kitchen kit.  Your child will not just have fun  pretend play cooking but also call over his or her friends and have fun role-playing  tea party games and what not.

10. My Kitchen Collection Playset - Steel Kitchen Set

In the age of plastic toys, your child must be a step ahead and play with a steel kitchen set.  All the utensils and kitchen toys in this kitchen set for kids are made of steel.  The big Steel kitchen is exactly what you need for your child to be environmentally friendly. 

12. Mini Kitchen set for kids 

The perfect looking Mini kitchen set for kids has an entire kitchen set connected to one stove.  The kitchen set for kids has brightly colored toys that your child will have a lot of fun playing with.  There are a green frying pan and cooking containers, purple cups,  a pink chimney, and white spoons.  You will find 14 kitchen toys in this mini kitchen set.  The color combination of this kitchen kit is something your childhood notice and want to have in their kitchen set collection.

13. Household Toys For Kids 

Some of the best places and not just limited to the kitchen.  Household toys are a big hit among children who love kitchen kits. Household toy set for kids have pretty looking brightly colored toys which children would love to have if they get excited about kitchen toys. You would find a sewing machine,  iron machine washing machine and vacuum cleaner. A kitchen play set for kids can be accompanied by these household toys. Your kid who loves to organize and maintain a dollhouse or even a play house would love to have these household toys along with a cooking set. 

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