3 Reasons Why Open Ended Toys Boost Development in Children

What do you mean by open ended toys?

The concept of open ended toys stemmed from the free play or open learning technique that was first introduced through the Waldorf education system.

Are you proud of the way your child imagines and demonstrates a flying car in front of you? Do you find it important for them to weave unique stories around things, no matter how absurd they may seem to you? Then the open ended toys are the right way to encourage this learning. Devoid of any right answer, open mindedness allows your child and you to explore beyond the boundaries that have been established since time immemorial regarding toys and games. They boost the early childhood development pertaining to every sphere, from physical health to mental health by allowing their creative genius to surface. But how? Well here are all the answers you seek.

Wooden Building Blocks To The Rescue

The best example of how open ended toys can boost the development of your children while being a fun game for kids at the same time are the wooden building blocks. Weird, right? But trust us, it is not. The wooden building blocks are the ticket to your child’s freedom in play as they allow them to create whatever they desire. If they want a square mountain with triangular trees, they can absolutely make it. Put a river or two in there for fun too!

Open ended toys have innumerable benefits on the growth and development of cognitive efficiency in children. These toys for kids also serve as an excellent reminder of why we need to allow them the power of imagination and creation. Toys and games form an impeccable part of their lifetime and it goes without saying that it has a larger impact on their mental health than we can perceive. Let’s find out some ways that open ended toys act as educational toys.

Benefits of Playing with Open Ended Toys

1. Increase in imagination and creative expression

The freedom to imagine and create has two benefits when you think about it; firstly it is a great exercise to expand the cognitive skills of your children. Open ended toys expand the line which most toys for kids draw in color, shape, and size. Secondly, it fosters problem-solving behavior in children as they think on their feet and it will help them manage situations efficiently later in life.


2. Enhances skills and ability to think out of the box

Fostering critical thinking skills in early childhood is one way of adapting your children to the growing world. However, their needs and requirements are just as important. Hence, these open ended toys mix both critical thinking skills and are a fun game to play when it comes to kids. Without any instructions and set structures, their brains will work to create the masterpiece themselves.

3. Creates leadership qualities

The fact that they don’t have a set of instructions to follow while playing with the open ended toys, will create and develop certain leadership qualities. It will give them the power to ask questions and seek answers, and this is one way to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow have the qualities to take on every problem and find solutions.

These are the benefits and reasons why you must encourage open ended play for early childhood development. We have 100% pure and organic wooden building blocks that are an amazing example of open ended toys you can buy for your children only at Snooplay.

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