6 Tips for a Successful Sports Day

Sports Day encourages comradeship and sportsmanship among participants. It is that particular day when children get to showcase their skills and talents and support each other in playing sports games. On this day, everyone is expected to have fun while organisers intend to make the events in all categories successful.

However, its success depends largely on many factors. To ensure that these events fall as hoped, here are five tips for a successful sports tournaments.

1. Inspire fun. 

I always believe that competition is healthier when we compete with ourselves; when we compete with our previous performances. If last year's 100-meter freestyle swimming competition took you 65 seconds to the finish line, today's performance should be compared to that and not to others' performances. This attitude not only fosters self-worth and self-awareness but also discourages comparing one's value to that of others simply because they won and you didn't. I strongly believe that this inspires more fun and develops better character in people.

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2. Offer equal opportunities

Gone are the days when we categorize sports games as to who can participate in them. We now acknowledge the fact that everyone, regardless of gender, is capable of joining the competition and excelling as much as others. We also know that individuals with disabilities are as qualified as those who are capable and able to participate. So as organizers, make sure to include them. After all, inclusivity is key.

What you, as the organizer, can do is present sports categories and let everyone choose which sports they want to participate in. Encourage participation by emphasizing the adage 'if others can why can't I'. 

 3. Reward participation.

As a writer myself, I always encourage other writers to write for the love of writing and keep on reminding them that their work is a 'reward' in itself. When you are able to write a 1000-word story or a 14-line poem, isn't that an achievement in itself? I believe that it is.

The same is true when it comes to participating in sports fests. Get involved for the love of being in the game, because you have the skills and talent to inspire others, because you feel good doing it and because you like it! 

Even then, prizes like medals, badges, quirky toys, certificates, coupons, gift cards, or tickets to a pet daycare where whoever participates gets the chance to cuddle with furry creatures are still excellent motivating rewards. These will help inspire them to take part and therefore make for a more successful sports day.


4. Drive awareness.

Every sports event gets more participation when it is widely advertised; when people become aware of it. So putting up event signs, posters or banners in and around the school premises will help raise awareness of your upcoming sports day. Send out newsletters to parents two weeks before the events commence. Follow up with an email regarding the same. This will give them enough time to plan their days ahead and also provides you room to plan the events better.

5. Involve the parents.

One of the best ways to guarantee a successful sports event is to invite parents to the game. Solicit skills from them. Make them in charge of some of the various sports categories. Make them referees, for example. Delegate tasks that you are sure they are capable of handling like taking care of the food and other supplies. This not only encourages parent-offspring bonds but also strengthens their value as an important part of the school.

This idea is like feeding two birds with one scone. Everyone gets to play a role in the events however meagre that participation is.
6. Prepare for accidents.

Injuries or accidents, minor or alarming, are inevitable in such activities. They can happen at any time. So make sure that first-aid kits are in place and you assign the right people to take charge of this part. Also, ensure that people in the events know where to avail treatment in case they or someone needs it. Have an ambulance stand by for any emergency. In fact, inviting an emergency doctor who is trained to deal with urgent medical needs gives staff, students and parents an assurance that they will be cared for.

No event turns successful without the help of many brains and hands. Planning and executing them requires teamwork. Hence, never hesitate to ask for help from people with whom you can ideate and brainstorm. 


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