6 Ways to Foster Good Mental Development in Early Childhood

Supporting and fostering good
mental health is an extremely essential criterion for a positive life, especially when it comes to children. It is often overlooked how important mental development in early childhood is. 

There are four areas of development in children. Motor or physical development, social and emotional development, language and communication development, and lastly, cognitive development. No one area of development is isolated, hence to foster good mental development in early childhood, you have to pay equal attention to all areas of requirement. 

What’s the best way to do that? Since ages, we have relied on toys and games for kids to ensure that they develop and grow adequately, and that doesn’t change now. Playtime is a very crucial part of early childhood not only for obvious reasons of physical development but because it serves as a mental outlet too. Here are 6 ways you can foster good mental development in early childhood through activities.

1. Identify Words, Alphabets, And Symbols With Them

Knowledge is power, and that is a true statement even when it comes to toddlers and growing children as well. Cognitive development during early childhood is extremely important and one way to improve it is by identifying new words with your little one. You must be thinking, how does it improve mental development in children? Well, it helps increase their memory power and retention ability. They grow to be more focused and there are always ways to make this a fun activity for kids! 

One way of playing an alphabet game is to cut out block letters with each alphabet and mix it in a bowl full of cereals. Now show the drawing of the alphabet or a word to your child and ask him/her to take out the resembling alphabet from the bowl. This a great example of a memory game for kids. Or if you are looking for an educational game then these magnetic alphabets with magnetic board seems like a fun choice!

2. Encourage their imagination

The social and emotional development in children is a parameter that is many times considered unimportant. The way you react to your kids and the way they are pushed in social constraints limits their imagination and further their development. Hence, it is very important that the next time your kid weaves a story around how he grew a blue plant or how she built a large castle you support and encourage them. Providing a boost in imagination makes a large part of preschool cognitive development activities. But how can we ensure that their imagination is fueled?

Let them be creative. One way of encouraging them to play with their imagination is by using open-ended toys. A good example would be wooden building blocks which are neutral and allow kids to build whatever they wish without any instructions. 

3. DIY: Use Innovative Ways To Gather Their Attention

We know how easily kids get bored with board games, even puzzle games, or whatever learning games we entertain them with. So how do we retain their attention? DIY! Do it yourself techniques are the best way to gather the interest of children and even make them participate. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you spend quality time with your children which has a direct impact on mental development during early childhood.

You can search for DIY craft ideas, or even use your own imagination to spike a new game! Want to camp? Build a fort out of pillows or put up a tent on the terrace with the help of your children, teach them about stars and constellations and make it a fun activity for the family! Your creativity will result in healthy mental development.

4. Foster Reading And Coloring Activities

Every child has an artist inside them and it is the duty of the adult in their life to encourage them to find their hobby. The most important building blocks that lead towards good mental development in early childhood are fostering habits of reading and coloring. Studies indicate that coloring can calm down toddlers, release stress and increase mindfulness in kids. Most importantly it is the answer if you’re wondering about how to reduce screen time for kids.  

Want to know how to improve vocabulary for kids? Buy them books with pictures as they help retain their interest. Give them some quiet time by using games such as the finger painting game, or the coloring mat for kids. You can check out some fun art and craft games from our collection if you need them! 

5. Build Life Skills Through Games And Toys

Now you can get your hands on any and every type of toys for kids, hence it is important you find some skill development toys that push their mental development in early childhood towards betterment. What we learn in our early years always stays with us hence it is important to introduce problem-solving skills at an early age. Toys to improve fine motor skills also come in handy when looking to improve hand-eye coordination in toddlers. 

The best example of games to improve problem-solving in kids are jigsaw puzzles and educational games, like the electro board. Even remote control cars which are a favorite among children help them build cognitive development and find ways to move past a hurdle. 

6. Enhance Self Awareness

Observation is a great tool which children optimize throughout their years, hence it is a great responsibility to establish role plays using pretend play toys or conversations. Enhancing self awareness in kids is an important element of fostering good mental health in early childhood as it lays the foundation of their mentality, perception, and what their aspirations are. 

Who knew using kitchen sets and doctor sets or other playsets for kids could actually be helpful in creating a sense of self awareness in them! So use those pretend play toys wisely. 

Let’s not forget that the best way to foster good mental development in early childhood is providing your child comfort, inspiration, and protection. Listening to them will further make them understand the importance of language and communication development, along with social and emotional development. 

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