7 Cool and Ideal Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. On this occasion, sisters tie rakhis on their brother's wrist. In return, brothers hand in gifts to their sisters. While your sisters know the things to consider while buying rakhis for you, it's your turn to find cool and ideal rakhi gifts for them. Surely, one of these gifts would set your spot on your sister's favourite list.

Cool and Ideal Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

  • Customized headband

Headbands don't have gender, but some girls do love them more especially when they are made particularly for them. Go to an embroidery shop and ask for a cloth headband. Have it embroidered with a floral design or your sister's favourites such as music band, song or movie line or zodiac sign, etc. 

  • Flowering plant in a pot

Flowers are a lovely gift. However, their life doesn't last. And although they are biodegradable, we often forget that there are little creatures whose survival depends on these flowers. Now, women are generally described as nurturers. Would it be better to gift your sister something that would show this characteristic? And what cooler idea than handing her a pot of plants that she can nurture? Right?

This Rakhi, go to the nursery house, choose one of her favourite flowers, and bring a plant in a pot for your beloved sister.

  • Gift cards

If your sister is into writing, whether it's blogs, journals, poetry or fiction, a writing gift card is an excellent idea to give her this Rakhi. It is not only thoughtful, but it is also something that benefits her in the long run. 

Other gift cards include a massage gift card, salon gift card, gym membership gift card, Amazon voucher, etc.

  • A set of measuring spoons and cups

Although this gift is for everyone, giving this to your sister will definitely ease her cooking and baking experience. Imagine how excited she is when finding a new recipe online only to get that excitement wiped out because the recipe requires everything measured and she doesn't have any measuring spoon or cup in hand. Your gift would be a most welcome addition to the family's kitchen utensils.

But do you know what is a better gift than gifting this? Joining her in cooking a dish or baking a pastry for the Rakhi celebration. It is definitely one way to strengthen your bond with her, isn't it?

  • A crocheted lunchbox bag

Did you know that you can hardly find any crocheted lunchbox bags? Yes, that is a fact. The question though is where to find one? Well, the answer is simple. Either you crochet it yourself or find someone who does. If you don't know how to do it, learn it. After all, one of the better gifts to give is a gift where a lot of effort went into it. As a result, you learned a skill and made your sister happy.

  • Books

Paperbacks never grow old. They have the charm that e-books don't. So whether your sister is looking for a particular book or you want her to read something that you believe she would love to have in her collection, order one now.

  • Cash

When it comes to gifting, I always believe that you can never go wrong with cash. Why? Because whether we admit it or not, we can't know everything about what the other person needs or want. Sometimes, giving them the opportunity to get that something that they've been wanting to have is all that it takes. And cash does that. So go ahead. Share your hard-earned money with your sister and give her the chance to finally grab that one thing she'd been longing to get.

Whatever you have decided, it is never a bad idea to gift your sister something that makes her happy. After all, a festival like Rakhi is an occasion to be celebrated with joy. 

Be the reason someone smiles. Make their eyes glow. Let their laughter echo on the wall and let it ring in your ears.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!


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