8 Types of STEM Toys

STEM toys have been in the market for a long time in some parts of the world like Australia. In India, however, they’re still gaining popularity, and parents are getting more aware of the countless benefits of STEM toys. But if you’re still catching up with them, fret not. Here’s everything you need to know about STEM toys.

In addition, we will be talking about the 8 types of STEM toys in this blog to help you find the right STEM toy for your child based on their interests, personality types, and skills.

Here are the eight types of STEM Toys:

1. Basic STEM toys. Basic STEM toys include wooden building blocks, coloured-ring stack, magnetic tiles and a shape sorter, toys that are ideal for preschoolers and below. They teach kids basic concepts like counting numbers, identifying colours, and spatial reasoning or the ability to think and manipulate objects in various forms. Playing with basic STEM toys boosts creativity and develops hand-eye coordination capabilities.

2. Microscopes and Telescopes. While these STEM toys are great choices for cosmos-curious and adventure-loving children, they are also the perfect toys to motivate them to explore the wonders of our world. Microscopes allow children to peek into the world of tiny organisms and see nature up close and personal. Telescopes help children build interest in stars, planets and how the universe works.

3. Science Kits. Science STEM toy kits bring in science experiments at the comforts of one’s home where children are free to carry out a project anytime. These STEM sets contain many engaging and stimulating activities that follow the basic principles of science.

4. Kid Computers. STEM kid computers’ popularity is rising. And although there are a number of kid-friendly computers available in the market nowadays, only a few are equipped with STEM skills that children can learn. One feature of STEM computers is that they provide all the tools needed to build a working Linux-based computer. Like programming STEM kits, programming challenges are already pre-installed to help children hone their coding skills. Of all STEM kits, STEM computers are one of the most expensive. Since STEM computers require screen time, you may need to allot a definite time schedule for your kids to follow as increased screen time is detrimental to their overall well-being.

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5. Construction Kits. Construction STEM toy kits may look like the usual building blocks, magnetic tiles or LEGOS, but they delve more into the engineering aspect of STEM. They encourage creativity and inspire complex designs. From unconventional skyscrapers to quaint building designs, children get to use fixed materials to build intricate structures and expand and strengthen their imaginations.

6. Robot Kits. Robot kits are considered the most popular STEM toy. And although they aren’t simple to fiddle with, STEM robot kits harness kids’ curiosity as these toys let your children build robots from scratch with their own hands. Doing so challenges their minds to code and write programs and come up with a functional robot. 


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7. Programming Kits. While robot STEM kits are kits to build, well, robots, programming STEM kits empowers children to write programs in any real world except robots. Toys such as flying drones and machines that draw on surfaces are examples of programming STEM toys.

8. Circuit Kits. The circuitry is the science of designing electrical and electronic circuits. With STEM circuit kits, children can become familiar with how electrical connections work. Although these toys don’t involve a real electricity connection, exposing them to a toy circuit board teaches them a life skill that is as important as any other skill – being able to fix circuit faults. STEM circuit kits are wonderful training materials for kids who are interested in electrical engineering.

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STEM toys foster creativity and promote learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are toys that expose children to the different career fields that they may be interested in taking in the future.

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