8 Unique Ideas to Make Your Bachelorette or Bachelors Party Insta-Worthy

We all know how tough it is to plan a wedding so it becomes even more pressurising for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to plan a bachelor’s party for the bride/groom that not only takes their mind away from all the stress but also ends up being one of the craziest nights you guys spend together. But we’ve curated a list of unique ideas to make sure you have a fun-filled night:


  1. Social Humour Cards Game

Social Humor Card Game

A night with your group has to include a game that ensures that you kick off the celebrations right! And what better than a game as despicable and as awkward as you and your friends? This is a satirical game and contains foul language, so if you find something offensive, just laugh at it and let it go. Though, I’m pretty sure after all the remarks your best friends have made at your love life, you’ll hardly find anything as offensive.


  1. Beer Pong

Beer Pond Party Game Online India Best Price

When you’re finally in the mood to get the ‘party’ party started (wink, wink), you should definitely start with Beer Pong. I’m pretty sure you and your squad have played this game before on one of your night-outs, but if you’re trying to act all innocent, I’ll explain this one. Oh never mind, who am I kidding? Everyone knows Beer Pong! (If you’re reading this with a family member totally unaware of your wild side, go to our website to check it out).


  1. Inflatable Ring Toss Party Game

Inflatable Ring Toss Party Game Online India Best Price

Now that things are (only) beginning to look wild, move on to this easy to understand game where you just have to toss rings at the antlers of the reindeer head which will be worn by a friend. I would suggest that you let the tequila kick in before starting this game so that you have blurry vision to blame for your poor aim.


  1. Drinking Ludo

Drinking Ludo Party Game Online India Best Price

Your best friend is getting married so I’m pretty sure you’re feeling a bit sad thinking about it and now that you’re also under the influence of alcohol, your party might hit a block called “sentimental”. Picturing me and my friends here, I can hear them say “Senti kyu ho rahi hain yaaaaaar?” For those moments when you want to turn the emotional conversations to fun, we have drinking ludo! Not only will this make you nostalgic about the fun times in your childhoods, it will also double the fun because it comes with a twist. Instead of the boring old pieces, this Ludo has shot glasses!


  1. Shot Glass Roulette


Out with the regular old game of roulette! I mean, this is a bachelors party, you have to up your game as well as up your games’ game (please appreciate our puns, we try very hard). As the name suggests, this spinning wheel roulette comes with 16 numbered shot glasses and two balls. The objective is to spin the wheel, and down the numbered shot where the ball lands at.


  1. Bar Butler Liquid Pump (Beer Tower)


To make sure the chic quotient of your party is on point and your alcohol arrives in style, here’s presenting the cool retro Bar Butler Liquor Pump designed like an old-fashioned gas pump. The pump has two separate sections so you can store two types of spirits with retail packing. We also have a Globe Drink Dispenser ideal for holding a litre of beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum and even the elixir of immortality, given that you can get your hands on such a drink!


  1. Upside Down Mug

Upside down Mug Online India Best Price

To make you feel even more confused in your drunken state and to also add the element of fun, here’s presenting this uber cool Upside Down Mug designed to give the appearance that you’re drinking out of an upside down bottle!


  1. Cheers Glass – Foil Balloon

Cheer Glass Foil Balloon Best Price Online India

After taking care of your needs for the fun section of the party, we’ve got you covered even for the decorations! Because what party is actually a party if it doesn’t have balloons, right? Cheers to more fun times ahead!


  1. Cake Flag Decoration

Cake Flags for Party Decoration Online India Best Price

End your wild night on a sweet note with the perfect dessert, cake and top it with this cool cake flag decoration.


BONUS: We know what a hangover after a night with your best buddies feels like. And god forbid you have office the next day! Don’t worry we’re not just a bunch of inconsiderate people out here trying to sell our products. We care for you and we want to make sure we cover all your needs. So here is this Ostrich head and neck support pillow to nurse your hangover at work!


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