AI Robots? Nahh.. . Remote Control Cars!

Remember our childhood days? How we loved everything that had a remote control- from literally a TV remote to remote control cars, remote control aeroplanes, and what not! Growing up, we might have moved on to Xbox and PS4s, but the craze for remote controls is undying. Isn't it true? 

Every time we watch a kid playing with remote control cars, or even when we cross those huge toy cars at malls, our heart definitely skips a beat with joy. Well, we always looked at them as mere toys, or if more, our bundle of childhood memories. However, one of our medical colleges turned up their engineering mind and converted these remote control toys into remote control delivery carts. Yes, read that right!

As per news sources, GSVM Medical College (Kanpur) has devised a new strategy to deliver medicines, food, water and other essentials to patients undergoing treatment from the dreadful coronavirus. Arati Dave Lalchandani, Principal GSVM College, has stated in an interview that both big and small-sized remote control cars can be easily loaded with essential items and made available to the coronavirus patients without any fear of contact and spread!

Well, in times like these, when social distancing is given the topmost priority and is of utmost importance to help contain the spread of the pandemic, ideas like this definitely leave a positive impact in our life, right? a time like this, when doctors across the globe are risking their lives to treat and save people from the pandemic, this option really does come as a relief to them. And why not? Imagine leaving your family and near ones behind and going out of your way, working continuously without proper sleep with just one hope in your heart. The hope to treat as many patients as one can, as soon as one can. The hope to one day be able to sit with your child again, and have dinner with your entire family by your side!

Moreover, one aspect that really needs to be highlighted here is the financial saving. Imagine using AI robots for the same purpose. Now compare the costs of a robot to the cost of a toy remote control car. Assume that one big remote control car costs Rs 1000, even then, we can ply almost thousands of remote control cars instead of opting for one AI robot. At a time when there is no definitive answer as to where the country's economy is headed, or how long will it take to finally contain the coronavirus, minimising on costs for anything and everything seems like the smartest option. Agree? 

The video of how the remote control car is being used to deliver essentials at hospitals is going viral on the internet, with almost every news channel covering this story on their social media platforms. Watch the video that's been putting a smile on everyone's faces, right here!

Terrific? Yes. Intelligent? Super Yes. Complete jugaadu Indian style? Yass!!

As they say, less is more. Here we are, proving it right. One more time! 


Source: ANI News


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