Art & Craft Games for Primary/ Pre School Kids

Here are 14 Art & Craft games specially curated from our wide collection of art and craft games:


  1. Finger Painting Game

Finger painting Art Game Online India Best Price

Finger Painting is an activity that has never failed to capture the attention of little ones. No matter what, this activity has always ensured a super fun time among the kids and this unique kit lets kids discover the world of art not only using their fingers but also through sponges in a variety of shapes! And don’t worry, even though the fun might lead to a bit of a mess, the paints are completely safe for your little one!


  1. Greeting Cards Game

Greeting Cards Game Online India Best price

As a child, I was always making handmade greeting cards to give to my friends and family on every occasion possible. And because I used to make so many cards, I was constantly looking for ideas and inspiration. But thanks to this game, your little can find all the ideas and inspiration needed to make cards in this box full of possibilities!


  1. 5-in-1 Party Pack (A complete gift set for girls)

5 in 1 Party Pack Art And Craft Game ONline India Best Price

As the name suggests, this game is indeed an absolute and complete party pack for girls! I mean it has Fashion Loom, Tapeart, Fashion Body Art, Jewellery Boutique AND a Nail Style Salon. What else does one need in a party pack? I am definitely buying this for my little sister for her birthday so that I can finally be called her favourite sibling!


  1. Pottery Wheel Game

Pottery Wheel Game Online India Best Price

Even though the art of pottery is not practised much widely anymore, it is a skill that is found to have innumerable benefits like improving creativity, motor skills, sensory development and the calming effect of clay, to name a few. Besides, it is the perfect skill for you and your child to bond over with!

  1. Modern Art Game (The Magic of Mandala)

Modern Art Online India Best Price

The word “Magic” is surely apt to describe the art of Mandala especially with its beautiful and intricate designs. With this Modern Art, one can design their personal time-table sheets, gifts bags, name tags and much more. Furthermore, this art also helps increase your concentration as well as creativity!

  1. Magic Crafting (Craft Lovers Delight)

Magic Crafting Art & Craft game Online India Best Price

A perfect gift for kids who love art & craft, the Magic Crafting is a 6-in-1 DIY craft kit that includes fun crafts like Corrugated Art, Pop Stick Craft, Eco Friendly Bags, Bird Puppets, Paper Bag Puppets, as well as Spiro Fun.


  1. Nail Art Studio Game (Create Salon Style Nail Art)

Nail Art Studio Girls Game Online India Best price

A perfect gift for anyone who wants to channel their inner divas, this nail art set comes equipped with all the accessories one needs to up their fashion game. And after your little one is done with this, the can move on to the Advanced Nail Art Studio Game.


  1. Shell Art Game

Shell Art and Craft Game Online India Best Price

Let’s be honest here, “shell” we? Shells (and puns) are something we all love, right? And with this game, you can design your crafts in so many waves that it will make you cray-sea (get it?). Anyway, we’ll stop with the puns but you don’t stop showing your creative side EVER.


  1. Madhubani Art Game

Madhubani Art & Craft Game Online India Best Price

Madhubani is a versatile art form originating from the Indian subcontinent. With this game, you can introduce your child to this beautiful art form and watch them create wonders from their imagination like nameplates and other terracotta handicrafts.


  1. Creative Quilling 2-in-1

 Creative Quilling Art and Craft Game Online India Best Price

Quilling is an art that is not only easy to learn but also gives beautiful result after completed. The skill involves strips of paper rolled and pinched to make delicate shapes and intricate designs and these shapes can further be combined to create an elaborate final figure.


  1. Cane Craft Kit

Cane Craft Kit Online India Best Price

Not only will this kit teach your little ones the art of knitting and weaving, it will also teach them to use this skill to create works of wonder like flower vases, bowls, pots, dolls and much much more!


  1. Giant Craft Kit

 Giant Craft Kit Online India Best Price

Behold the ultimate craft kit that comes equipped with numerous craft elements that will help your little ones use their imagination to the fullest. Moreover, the manual includes so many projects that will ensure that your child never runs out of inspiration.


  1. Cross Stitch (15-in-1)

Cross Stitch Online India Best Price Craft Art game

The Cross Stitch is a perfect example to prove that a fun time can be both, creative as well as educational. Children can create a range of products like bracelets and headbands (and more!) using woollen yarns and many types of beads.


  1. 4-in-1 Dough Set (Play Doh Game)

4 in 1 Dough Set Online India Best Price

Unlike any other set of play doh, this super fun 4-in-1 doh set comprises of a bunch of fun moulds that include a 3D waffle maker, a pasta maker and one’s favourite automobiles. Moreover, it is also safe for children to  play with.


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