Games Abhis'h'ek Could Have Played to Avoid Boredom

Well, with the quarantine lockdown almost killing us with boredom, one good thing that has us sane are the newest web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the likes. One such series that has us hooked, and definitely made us fall in love with rural India yet again is the web series Panchayat by TVF on Amazon Series. Haven't watched it yet, well you must! The series revolves around the story of Abhishek (Abhisek as they call him!), who sets foot in the village of Phulera (Uttar Pradesh) to start his new job as the Secretary of Phulera Gram Panchayat (Sacheev ji!). Watch on to find out how Abhishek deals with day to day village life, power cuts, his CAT preparations, failures, and more.

Hmm, now truth be said, we did think of what we'd have done to deal with a few of the frustrating moments that Abhisek ji had to face. Here's our take, read on!


See that look on Abhishek's face?! That's us too, whenever our friend gives us shitty advice. Arey, adventure kya karna tha? If at all Abhishek wanted to have some adventure, he could have just had called over some friends for a bottle of beer (cz, ahem.. Abhisek ji's capacity) and played the Yogi card game! Hai na?


This scene is from the first episode 'Gram Panchayat Phulera' of the web series. Abhishek has just arrived at the Gram Panchayat office. Abhishek is tired from the overnight bus journey, but the Deputy Sarpanch can't stop chit-chatting. Well, Abhishek, we'd have sat down for a game of cards, definitely! 

Baatein bhi ho jati, card games ka maza alag!

No? Need more options? Arey, could have played Jenga!


Remember the entire time when Abhishek had to roam around, wander in those acres and acres of field to find the lost key of the Gram Panchayat office? Kuch bhi ho jaye, taala nahi tootega!

Perfect location for a game of Frisbee though, what say? And three's the crowd.. too much fun! Missed out on the chance, Sacheev ji!


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