Toys & Games to Beat Corona Lock Down Boredom

The coronavirus pandemic has taken on the world quite rapidly. India, certainly, has been one of the affected countries, and with a population as huge as ours, the government of India is taking serious steps to overcome the virus. The steps, in this case, are not just restricted to awareness programmes and health checks but has also moved on to complete lockdowns, and the upcoming Janta Curfew as well.

The lockdowns observed countrywide have led to schools being closed for the rest of the month, the corporate sector adopting work from home tactics, closures of malls, multiplexes, and all areas of crowd gatherings.

The lockdown has brought your office home, and your dining room has probably converted to your workspace. Casual conversations have been replaced by precautionary talks. You work, you read a book, watch the news, stream online a bit- quite a few choices to deal with quarantine life. Children, however, have very limited choices when it comes to utilising their quarantine time. With no way to go out and play, it certainly becomes important that we address their needs and as parents and guardians pick up on ideas that'll help them spend quality and fun time in this period of quarantine life.

Here, we list out a few games and toys that you can choose from to help your kid have their share of game fun even when under lockdown. These games will certainly give you a reason to spend that extra hour with your child too!


Monopoly Board Game

The air outdoors is infected by the coronavirus. The air indoors feels tensed as we contemplate the future. In such times, don't let your kids feel left out. Children have, as it is, already been deprived of their playground and playtime. Spend a few hours playing the monopoly board game with them. 

The monopoly board game will not only keep them entertained and engaged but will also make them business conscious. Let your kids learn trading skills with the monopoly board game, where they trade and own hotels, cars, properties, and what not! 

For a fun twist to the classic monopoly board game, check the Game of Thrones-inspired Monopoly board game here.

Monopoly Board Game


Chess Board Game

An idle mind is a devil's workshop!

In this time of lockdowns and curfews, don't let your child sit alone and idle. Indulge in some fun and games with your child so that they don't feel left out, and know that their needs are important too. Buy Chess board game home and spend some time honing your child's strategic and decision-making skills. Learning never has to be boring, right? 

For other variants of this mastermind Chess board game, check out our Chess board game collection here.

Chess Board Game


Dart Game

Are you great at meeting targets? Ah, the official ones? What about darts?

Indulge in a friendly competition of the dart game with your child. See who gets those aims on point! This game will not only help your kid aim perfectly but will also help him meet targets ( just like you, hehe), A game of board and arrows, dart game is fun to play with anyone and everyone. It's all about the stability and the aims! 

Also, ahem. If you think your kid won't even touch the dart game once the lockdown period is over, we have a solution. Use the dart game for your house parties. Dart game is never out of place, anywhere!

The dartboard comes in different sizes- and apart from this variant (16 cm), the other two variants are size 14cm and size 18cm

Dart Board Game


 Foosball Game (Table Top Football)

Does your kid love a good game of football? Are they the kind who have coarsed you into buying each of the football gears and know everything football? This is certainly a time when playing football seems like a distant dream, doesn't it? 

Well, why not make your kid's quarantine days happy? Why not get them up from beside that window sill and their beds to the living room of your home!! Wondering how? Foosball Table Top game is all you need.

A game that can be played with friends, family, and kids alike, foosball is a super competitive football game with the fate of players in your hands. Buy foosball tabletop game and lighten the quarantine mood around your house with your child's cheers and laughter. That's absolutely what we want, right?

The foosball football game comes in two table sizes- small, and big- buy foosball game table depending upon the number of players you want to play at a time.


Foosball Football Game


Remote Controlled Tank

Let us ask you, who controls the remote at home? (haha, no.. just kidding!)

Is your child stuck at home and is only glued to the television all this while? Are they bored with playing with the same old toys and have been asking you for a new one? Well, this is probably the time to get a new toy or game for your child. How good is TV, ask yourself!

Replace the television remote in your kid's hand with the remote of this toy tank. Let them control the toy tank, and fight off the enemies with your support! This remote-controlled toy tank has a 360-degree rotating turret too, feels nostalgic right? Well, what's a better way to relive your childhood than with your own child!?

While your kid has their share of fun with the toy tank, it's also a great time to bond and spend quality time with your child. Don't shy away from telling them about your childhood days, and the remote-controlled toys that you had in your stock of games and toys!!

Brighten up your child's quarantine routine. Buy this toy tank right away!!

 toy tank


This is just the appetizer, you guys. Explore the full-fledged world of games and toys... Discover all of them here, at Snooplay!

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