India's Favourite Card Games

Family get-togethers are a thing in India. Be it over the weekend, festivals, or any other occasion, there's always some or the other reason to gather and have a fun time together. That's absolutely what makes us Indians pretty unique- our bonding, and our versions of fun!

Well, another thing that holds ground is that no Indian gathering is complete without a round of card games. There will be at least one person in the entire family who's hooked to playing cards, and how they have the power to convince everyone to play along. Remember that fufaji at the wedding cribbing about the food, arrangements, this and that. What made him happy instantly, faster than the 2- minutes Maggi noodles? A good round of playing cards, right? And that Sunday afternoon, when the entire family felt so lazy to go out. What did you do to get rid of the boredom? Took out the deck of playing cards from the drawer, yeah? So much power and magic, just in a deck of playing cards!

Now that we have well established the unbeatable addiction to playing card games, let's take a glance at the fun card games that have become a household favourite in India. Shall we?

First in the list is the classic deck of playing cards. The vanilla as we may call it! Playing since childhood, taash is a super favourite and fun game that all of us Indians know how to play. Each and every version- be it the teen patti, satte pe satta, teen do paanch, bluff, blackjack- you name it, we know it! We all had that one deck of "taash ke patte" at home, with the red flower design at the back. Remember? Well, imagine the same playing cards, just in a regal gold finish this time. Got the royal feels, maharaja/ maharani chills? Without a doubt then, this set of gold plated Luxury playing cards is made just for you. 

Still here? Why? Go grab your deck of gold plated playing cards HERE!

Just on the lookout for a simple deck of playing cards? No gold, no glitter? Check out our deck of Lancer playing cards HERE!

Next on our list is another classic, supremely fun set of playing cards. No points for guessing guys. Yes, it's the Monopoly Deal Card Game we are talking about! A hot favourite, the monopoly deal card game was introduced to our world by Funskool- pretty much the torchbearer, eh? Well, we stocked up on the original Funskool Monopoly Deal Card Game, just for you! There's absolutely nothing better than getting properties on your name, and getting a lot of cash.. and Monopoly card game makes it all come true. Ahem, virtually though! The property may be virtual, the cash too might not be real, but the fun? Oh My God, the fun is surreal.

Get shop- hopping, and cash in the Monopoly Deal Card Game right HERE!

Hmm, wondering what's next? Want a classic, wish for exotic? Let's see what we have in the bag (or, deck.. LOL!) of surprises. Well, well, well ... if not this, then what. It is the deck of Social Humour playing cards game! A card game that's not just fun to play. It's fun, crazy, satirical.. .all at the same time. Can you imagine?! Yeah, much like that sizzling chocolate brownie! Social Humour isn't just any other card game. It's a card game with questions to be asked, and answers to be punched. Well, yeah literally. The best answers (punchlines) win the round of the playing cards game. Enough talking, we are not sharing spoilers here. Check out the card game for yourself. Disappointment- ZERO PERCENT! (Mmm.. well, if you are not that funny kinda person, you know.. can't handle jokes or a little bit of vulgarity, please play with a super light heart. Okay? It's all pure fun.)

Wondering where to go about looking for the Social Humour playing cards game? Worry not, just click HERE!

O, o wait! Don't forget to snoop in on the Extension Pack of the playing cards game HERE!

Next, next. Can't wait to see what's next?! Wait you shall not (haha, spreading Yoda vibes!). The next deck of playing cards is the UNO card game. Yeah, the be which got us super confused the first time, but quickly grabbed a place amongst our favourite pastimes. Haan haan, the one where you always forgot to scream "UNO" when you had just one card left. Penalty me do extra cards made us cry, hai na? 

Okay then, let's not waste too much time talking, theek hai? Shuffle, play, skip, reverse. Just don't forget to scream "UNO"!!

Get your pack of UNO playing cards HERE!

Looking for a similar but different kinda playing cards? Well, check out DOS UNO right away. Click HERE!

Are the lovebirds feeling ignored? Searching for a fun couple game but cannot find one? The search ends here love dovies! We have the perfect card game that's sure to ignite, re-ignite, and super- ignite the spark in your relationship. Fun, smoky, hot, daring- this deck of playing cards has all the right ingredients to spice up the weather in your love den! Getting impatient? Haha, okay lets not tease you too much. The card game that we are talking about, the one that's curated specially for couples, is none other than the Love Games. Yes, that's the name of the card game, you guys! Now run fast as the lion king!!

Quickly grab your deck of Love Games playing cards HERE!


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