IronMan & His Suits: A Journey (Part 1)

"Most times, we fall in love with movie characters. Rarely do we fall for the actor AND the character!"

Yes, that's what actually happened to all of us with IronMan a.k.a our super handsome Robert Downey Jr. We fell in love so deep, there's literally no line differentiating IronMan from Robert. To us all, they are both the same!

Today, let's together go on a trip down memory lane. Let's go back to the time Robert/ IronMan entered our lives, to the time we never had the slightest idea how we'll go on to love him and worship him for years to come.

One of the most distinct characters about IronMan, the cell that makes his existence possible is the IronMan suit! With an armour completely unique in every away, Robert had us there. Slowly yet steadily, without us realizing, IronMan has become one of the most important elements of our life. Why do we watch Avengers? Well, IronMan. Who is IronMan? A superhero, noobs will say. Ask that question to the fans, and they instantly reel, "RDJ!". Yes, he is our IronMan. He forever will be our IronMan.

Now, enough of drooling, let's get back to our hot armour topic. Snoop in further to see how the IronMan suit has evolved over the years... 2008 to 2019, what an epic journey!

MARK I & MARK II (Iron Man)

2008, Iron Man is born! This is where it all started- super genius Tony Stark, Stark Industries, Pepper Pots, JARVIS!

The movie plot was a thriller indeed. Remember the scenes in the deserts of Afghanistan where Tony gets kidnapped by terrorists, has shrapnel in his heart and meets Dr Yinsen? Well, this is where MARK I, the very first Iron Man armour was created, overnight. The suit, however, was a daunting grey colour, not too appealing to the eyes.

Tony doesn't stop there! He's determined to improve the flight system of the suit, and even connects with JARVIS post improvement! Goes against JARVIS' wish, and takes on a solo flight test. And that, ladies & gentlemen, is the MARK II. This suit had a sleek design, although it was also shiny & chrome.


Unstoppable genius Tony Stark is not yet done with IronMan. Stark decides to rebuild the suit using gold titanium and instructs JARVIS to add some 'red' to the suit. This suit was code-named MARK III, the first-ever Red & Gold suit owned by Iron Man!

MARK IV & MARK V (Iron Man 2)

Come 2010, MARK III is destroyed in a battle with supervillain Freak. MARK IV probably had the longest runs with Stark than any other Iron Man suit. The suit was even worn by Rhodes (yes, RDJ's friend) during his stint as the IronMan. MARK IV was basically Stark's backup suit, and he wore it often until he completed MARK VI!


Stark creates a new element for his Arc Reactor! MARK VI was the first suit to have underwater capabilities. Also, Stark is considered "unsuitable" for Avengers! (whaaaaaaaaaaaat!)

Later on, however, Tony Stark does get to become a consultant of the S.H.I.E.L.D (pretty cool, eh?).

MARK VII (The Avengers)

2012, the Stealth Suit is here, guys! Tony Stark uses this suit for his Iron Man duties towards the end of the Avengers movie.

Also, remember those uber-cool bracelets that activated the suit? Gosh, wished there to own one too!!

MARK XLII (Iron Man 3)

Come 2013, and Stark has built an assortment of suits- over 30 IronMan suits! Why? Well, the armours are his distraction from anxiety & other issues (yes, superheroes get stressed too!) 

Amidst so many suits, however, the one that mattered? MARK XLII!

Psst.. remember how Stark has computer chips implanted into his arms? Well, using the power of the 'chips', Stark can move the pieces of the MARK XLII to his location at his sweet will. Further, he can control the suit remotely too, like a drone!


After AIM recreated that pesky Extremis virus that he’d dealt with in the comics some years back, Stark decided to go and destroy every sample he could find. His new nonlethal Stealth Suit was created to help him covertly destroy a sample kept in a Columbian drug dealer’s mansion (like ya do). The suit in Age of Ultron, meanwhile, is just a recoloured version of his Mk. 42 from his last movie.


All this, was just the beginning. There were so many more suits that were created by super-intelligent, smashing RDJ! Discussing the other superpower Iron Man suits in the next article. Stay tuned, fam!


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