Learning Games for 2-Year-Old Kids

Here are 6 learning games for 2 years old kids especially curated from our wide collection of toys and games keeping in mind the developmental needs of your little ones:

  1. Baby Spiral Fun

Baby Spiral Fun

Simple to play with and yet completely engrossing, Baby Spiral Fun includes a 5-tieredball ramp from whose top babies can be encouraged to drop balls from. Not only does this translate to a thoroughly enjoyable playtime for the tiny tots, but it also helps builds basic skills of grasping and reaching among the babies. Get your baby started on learning and playing with this perfect gift!

  1. Wooden Intelligence Box

The two-in-one Wooden Intelligence Box is ideal in building your child’s cognitive skills and observational ability. With a clock on one side and different shapes carved into the other sides, the box keeps learning interesting and fun. And once playtime is over, you can simply lift the top cover and store all products inside, ensuring minimal chaos. Let’s get ready for some fun!

  1. Learning Kit

Help your child learn the basics of English language with this abacus-style Learning Kit. The brightly colored pieces have letters on one side and associated words on the other side. Simple to use, children can use it as a way to learn the alphabets, or adults can use it as a fun way to test a child’s skills. Make learning fun!The vibrant colors will attract your kids and also bring in the fun while preparing your children for Kindergarten.

  1. Wooden Bench & Hammer


Wooden Bench & Hammer is also known as Percussion Platform, it is a novel way of helping your little ones learn about colors and music while helping them build their hand-eye coordination & improve wrist flexibility. With this wooden educational toy, the kid can strike various colored rods as you call them out, or even create his own rhythm while having fun of course. Let’s start playing!


  1. Wooden Pull Along Shapes

Help build your child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination with the Wooden Pull-Along Shapes Car. The wooden box is shaped like a car, with a string and wheels that allow the car to be easily dragged. What makes this wooden educational toy more interesting are the various shapes surrounding the box car. The objective is simple – place the right block in the right shape and pull-along your complete car. Its nothing like your regular pull-along toys.
Made out of wood with water-based non-toxic paints, it has smooth edges and surface & is safe and non-toxic for children

  1. Natural Rubber Foam Tool Set

Tools made of natural rubber foam and flocked with world's finest nylon flock which is sourced from Switzerland. These toys are durable, flexible, dust mite resistant, anti microbial, hypo-allergic & biodegradable.


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