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 It has been proven time and time again that the Marvel Cinematic universe has one of the largest fan bases in the world. What distinguishes Marvel fans from fans of other franchises is their undying loyalty towards these characters. Normally, one would expect only a certain part of the population to be fans of a franchise full of superheroes but there are no such bars regarding age or gender when it comes to the Marvel fandom because you'll see the same level of excitement in a 5 year old boy as a 19 year old girl when a new Marvel movie is announced!

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Over the course of the 11 years since the release of Iron Man in 2008, the cast and crew at Marvel Studios have worked very hard to make sure that their fans get the most memorable cinematic experiences, which they did, looking at the exponentially risen success of the MCU. And in return for their sweat and blood (not literally, though), Marvel fans have done some crazy shit to show their support like setting a world record of watching Avengers: Endgame over a 100 times, building museums having 25 Lakhs worth of Marvel action figures and in an extreme case, postponing the birth of their child just so they could watch Endgame in theatres. Talk about dedication and loyalty! 

With a fan base expanding over multiple countries and all ages, there has been a wave of Marvel themed products in markets across the globe with an insane amount of varieties. One of the most popular category of Marvel merchandise has to be action figures and the favorites among the fans are Funko! Pop vinyl figures of their favorite characters. 

Marvel Avengers Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Action Figures Bobbleheads Thor Hulk Thanos Spiderman Buy Online India at Best Price Free Shipping

One man, in a cave, with nothing but a box of scraps. With his impeccable comic timing and genius, it didn't take Tony Stark much time to win the hearts of fans all around the world. So naturally, it was very difficult to say goodbye to the man who had started it all and touched so many lives. And while words will always fall short for what this man has meant to all of us, he will always have a place in our hearts.  And hey, at least we have all the cool merchandise to still show our love for the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Buy this cool Iron Man action figure to show that no matter what, once a Marvel fan, always a Marvel fan.

Iron Man Bobble head Action Figure Car Decoration

Speaking of the lives Tony Stark touched, we have to talk about Midtown Science's brightest, Peter Parker. Even though over the past two decades there have been multiple adaptations of Spiderman, the love and craze for Stan Lee’s web slinging superhero has only risen up. Despite the fact that we didn’t officially see Spiderman fighting alongside the rest of the Avengers until 2016 in Captain America: Civil War, the amount of love and support fans have shown the youngest Avenger is unprecedented. Check out some super cool spiderman products here!

Spiderman Bobble Head Action Figure Car Decoration buy online India at best price free shipping

The innocent goofy kid from Queens not only charmed "Mr. Stark" with his web shooting skills but also Steve Rogers himself when he said "You've got heart, kid." What an exhilarating journey it has been, to see Steve Rogers transform into Captain America, fight off the evil forces of Hydra twice, fight even his best friend (I’m talking about Tony here, back off for a moment, Bucky stans) for his original best friend (here, have your moment now, Bucky stans) and even prove his godlike worthiness by summoning Mjonir while we all screamed our guts out, and have an epic fight scene with the mad Titan, Thanos. Truly an epic cinematic experience. We all stuck with Steve for almost 7 decades where we saw him lose some of the most important people in his life (Tony, Nat, Bucky and Peggy stans, join hands) only to see him end up with the love of his life and the original female “gangsta” of the MCU, Peggy Carter. Even though it was sad to see our favorite superhero get old, it was also beautifully satisfying to see him finally get his dance with his ‘best girl’. Check out exclusive Captain America products here!

Captain America pencil pouch pencil box back to school buy online india at best price free shipping

 And while we’re talking of godlike worthiness, how can we forget the God of thunder and the (former) ruler of Asgard, Thor Odinson. Let’s be honest, no matter how much of a Marvel fan you are, you’re lying if you say that you didn’t get an adrenaline rush when you saw Thor arrive at the Battle of Wakanda and beat some alien ass. Also how hilarious was it when Bruce Banner said “Oh, you’re so screwed now!”? Buy the original licensed action figures of Thor, Hulk as well as Thanos (with his head still on) right now!

Thor Funko Pop Vinyl Action Figure collectibles buy online india at best price free shipping

I was 12 when I saw all these heroes team up with each other for the first time, fighting a villain I actually ended up crying for (Loki stans, where you at?). Even though I had seen most of them separately before, some through DVDs, some through torrents and even TV screens, the feeling of watching them all together as a team and cheering them on, along with all the people in the theatre, will always remain undescribable. While I wait for my chance to meet them and personally thank them for all they’ve done, I’ll keep re-watching the movies and keep adding more merchandise to my collection. While there are a lot of options to buy these from, fans sometime hesitate before getting their hands on some because they sometimes find them expensive. But Snooplay sells authentic figures and other products at very low prices so that fans can add more and more Marvel merch to their collection!

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