Quirky Gifts for Him & Her

Finding that person with whom you want to share your special moments is pretty tough. And even tougher is finding the perfect gifts for them because you feel nothing you give them will ever amount to the love you have for them. Well, let me stop you there. We, at Snooplay, know how tough it is to find perfect gifts for that special person so we curated a list of products from our collection that will not only let your partner know how much they mean to you but will also make your moments with them unforgettable. Check out the list below:

  1. Royal Enfield (Black)

A beautifully detailed replica of the ever-favourite and stunning Royal Enfield Classic 500, this is a perfect gift for all bike-lovers as they will not be able to take their eyes off it! Check out more collectibles here.



  1. Social Humour

A never been seen before and unique party game for adults, this is a card game that is bound to leave you in splits. It is a satirical game that also contains foul language so if you find something offensive, just laugh at it and let it go. It will also make your house parties and double dates so much more fun!


  1. Unicorn Slippers

These are a perfect gift for all unicorn lovers because they are bound to add magic in their life. These are also warm and cosy, very much like the snuggles you give them, after a long and tiring day at work. Browse through more unicorn products here.


  1. Harry Potter Action Figure – Funko

Even though they’ve already cast a spell on you, you can buy this

Harry Potter Funko! Pop figure for the Potterhead in your life. Not only will this figure be an ideal companion for them on the days away from you, it will also help concoct that love potion they want to give you (but I’m sure there will be no need for that). Buy more action figures here.


  1. Globe Drink Dispenser

Add a charm to your house parties and get together with our Globe Drink Dispenser, which can hold up a litre of any deadly combination of drinks that you can conjure! We also have a cool retro Bar Butler Liquor Pump designed like an old-fashioned gas pump. The pump has two separate sections so you can store two types of spirits with retail packing.


  1. Lego Notebook

Presenting the blocks notebook inspired by lego, the construction game everybody goes gaga about. These notebook covers are made of silicone and the surface bricks are as movable as the cover of the notebook. Bring a sense of style with these awesome note and capture your thoughts, stories, events in a fun way. If there is anything that would help your kid get closer to a sheet of paper, then it is the blocks book. 


  1. World Scratch Map

The most perfect gift for those who love to travel and those who have put up “#Wanderlust” in their Instagram bios, this World Scratch Map is printed on fine black paper and works exactly like a scratch card. All the countries across the globe are covered with gold scratch. You can scratch off the places on the map that the globetrotter in you has already been to or wishes to go. It’s stylish to look at and easy to pin on walls and other surfaces.


  1. 1948 Ford Pickup

Diecast cars are the ideal gifts for the special man in your life. But with so many options available, it becomes confusing to decide on one. However, if you pick this 1948 Ford Pickup and go for a cheesy pickup line (pick – pickup, get the pun? Sorry) along with it, you can never go wrong. Check out more diecast vehicles here.


  1. F Bomb Coffee Mug

To make sure your special someone has a blast at work and a bombastic day, here’s presenting the F Bomb Coffee Mug with a handle shaped like the letter F and a “bomb” design, quite literally. For more mugs, visit here.


  1. Puzzle DIY LED Lights Board

A unique board that lets you write lit (quite literally) messages to your special someone, this Puzzle DIY LED Lights Board will make an ideal board for all places. You can write any message using the given pegs that light up like your partner lights up your life.


With this we come to an end of our list as well as our attempts at pun and cheesiness. Hope we could help you find what you were looking for more fun stuff, check out our website, Snooplay.in!






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