Your Child's Personality and the Right Toys for Them

 "No two people are the same."

That is certainly true for everyone. Even twins who grow up together differ greatly from each other. All are individual people with different levels of development, skills, strengths and weaknesses. And although most of these differences can be attributed to the kind of parenting the child is exposed to, the factors vary. 

But this article isn't about discussing these factors. That would be another blog altogether. For now, let's tackle your child's personality and the right toys for them.

Which one of these is your child? Are they shyrelaxed, entertainers or explorers or a combination of two or more? 

Well, you are the parents or guardians. You know your child well enough to answer the question posed above. And once you identify your child's personality, it would be easier for you to choose the right toys for them. 

The Shy Child

Children who are shy are the quiet type. They tend to see the world around them through others' actions. They are observers and may choose to or not to talk depending on the situation. To make them participate in an activity, you would need all your coaxing power. You may need to unleash all the tricks you've been hiding up your sleeves.

But worry not. Shy children are fine being left alone with the toys that they would enjoy a lot. Such toys include puzzles, stacking toys, blocks, picture books, etc. Basically, these toys can be played with and enjoyed alone.

The Relaxed Child

You're in a classroom with a few dozen of kids. Amidst the cacophony, you'd find a few children who are neither too quiet nor too loud. They are the ones who respond to your calling and do what they're asked to do. They are those who would get your attention whenever they need it, else they are capable of entertaining themselves. And you won't need to convince them to participate in an activity either.

In other words, relaxed children can be called the 'cool' kids in the house, for they enjoy a wide range of toys. In fact, they are okay with just about anything. 

So which toys suit their personality? These can include shape-sorting toys like cubes, remote-controlled cars and other toys, sensory bins, or action figures like Star Wars or Marvel Comics characters. 

The Entertainer

Children who can be called entertainers are considered the most relaxed and fun to be with. And they are the most vocal of all personalities. They aren't afraid to speak their minds and be heard, even if they can't articulate as much. They even laugh at their mistakes. They also dare do things and enjoy performing for others. They have no problem going into new situations and meeting new people. 

The toys that are best for this type of personality are microphones, karaoke sets, talking dolls, dancing figures, pretend food, play pretend, puppets, etc.

The Explorer

Like the name itself, explorer children are the ones who, when told to stay in place, would be found in some other place moments later. They escape the crib; they scrutinize things around them; and they disassemble and assemble stuff. They definitely love both indoor and outdoor games. They relish toys that make their brain work or their body move. Basically, explorers have lots of energy to spend. They have this fearless attitude that almost always lands them in risky situations. And even if they get hurt, they aren't afraid to try again.

The toys that suit the explorer's personality include tunnels, gardening toys, sports-related toys, legos, etc.

Children can have multiple personalities. In fact, it is better if they grow up to be enjoying many toys and playing varied games. As parents or guardians, it is your responsibility to see to it that the toys you are providing them enhance their overall personality development.


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