The Ultimate Party Game for Adults - Social Humor Card Game

When I say (or type, in this situation) the word ‘party’, a major proportion of people would think of music, alcohol, friends, alcohol, ‘taash’, and did I mention, alcohol? Because, let’s be honest, alcohol is ALL we need to have fun, right? Wrong. A group of friends is all you need. Well, that and a box of the craziest party game for India, Social Humour


Social Humour Cards

Social Humour is a satirical party game that may remind everyone of the popular game of Cards Against Humanity, and is more or less quite similar to the latter. It is a simple game where each player gets to be the judge and asks a question from one of the black cards, and the other players answer with their funniest white card. If the judge picks your card, you win that round.  

Sounds pretty simple, right? Here is the twist: the words and phrases written on the cards may or may not be written in the most sophisticated language. Yes, the game contains foul language that someone might find offensive and if they do so, I suggest you to please laugh at it and let it go. 


Social Humour Cards

The box contains a total of 550 cards of which 105 are Black Cards that represent a question or fill in the blank phrase, 435 white cards that represent an answer to a Black Card and 10 Blank Cards with which you can personalize the game by writing your inside jokes, questions or fill in the blank phrases. 


Social humor card game container box

There can be numerous renditions of this card game. The basic game is where the judge deals ten white cards to each player, picks a black card from the stack and reads it aloud while the players choose the best possible white card in response with the black card. Then the judge selects the card which makes the funniest combination according to him or her. The player whose white card gets selected is awarded the black card dealt previously and the player with the highest number of black cards in the end is declared the winner. 

Once done with the basic game, you and your squad can try different variations of Social Humour. These include - a) Brainwashing the Judge where, as the name suggests, the players offer explanations, no matter how irrelevant, to convince the judge why a certain combination is the best (either their own or a favourite choice). b) Old Monk -All the players except the judge and the winner have to take a drink and the last surviving person who remains conscious enough to name his grandmother correctly will be the ultimate winner. c) Send me Nudes- a little bit contrary to how it sounds, in this game the judge picks both, the winner and the loser. While the winner gets the black card, the loser has to lose an item of clothing which can be bought back any time for 2 black cards. d) Reset my Hand- Whenever a player feels he or she needs a change, they can get a new hand of ten white cards by trading a black card to the deck . The players can also play their own versions of the game. 


Quality Cards

Now that we have you sorted on how to play the game, there are a few advices and disclaimers still left to hand out. Like we mentioned earlier, the cards contain Hindi language as well. So the black cards with I, mera, mujhe, meri etc. should be read from the judge's point of view. Also, as we all may be aware of, Hindi assigns a gender to inanimate objects. The form of the verb also changes with the gender of the noun. It is the responsibility of the judge to change the gender of verbs, nouns or adjectives as per the ki, ka, ke words. Alternatively, the judge can skip this step if the whole group believes in the magical powers of common sense. 

On a final note, we'd like to suggest that you let go of your habit of taking your identity too seriously because when you die, you are going to loosen your grip on everything. That's all folks! Good luck with Social Humour and if you find anything offensive, just laugh at it and let it go. 

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