The Ultimate Teenage Games for Parties

As someone who has just recently gotten out of her teenage years, I think it is safe to say that teenagers nowadays just love to party. They don’t even need an occasion or anything to throw a party. And because they love organising parties at every chance they get, it becomes difficult to plan one where they don’t get bored. So, we have carefully handpicked the best party games from our wide collection of games to make sure you can always play host to an amazing party even if it’s at the last minute:

Inflatable Ring Toss

This is a very simple and easy to understand game that will make any party super fun! You just have to toss the inflatable ring onto the inflatable reindeer head that a friend will be wearing!

Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)

Air Hockey is a game that has always been loved by kids, teens and adults alike. So if you want a game that will be an all-rounder at all your parties, Air Hockey will cover your needs. 

Table Top Football Small (Foosball Game)

A game that can be played in groups and that is also liked by kids, teens and adults alike is Foosball. Although Foosball tables are mostly expensive, you can buy one at super cheap prices from and watch unfold at your parties.


Bowling Strike Game

Set up a super exciting night full of fun and laughter with this Bowling Strike game and recreate fun scenes from your outings at game parlours and malls. 

Jenga Senior (Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower)

Nothing brings people together like some falling blocks and a whole lot of excitement. You’ve built the tower and you’re ready to slowly pull it apart. But one tiny miscalculation can leave it toppling down faster than you can even imagine. Worry not, because every crash is accompanied by shrieks of laughter, proving that it’s an evening well spent. 

Pool (Billiards) Table Big

This easy to store pool table is ideal to have a fun night of sports with your buddies from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it is also affordable besides being easy to assemble. 

Suspending Impact Football (Air Hover Football Game)

A never been seen before the game, this suspending impact air hover football game might remind millennials of air hockey but we assure you it adds a fun twist to the classic game. Furthermore, it is also convenient to use and completely hassle-free. 


Twister has to be an absolute party starter, right? Even though it’s a game that guarantees hours of fun, it may also sometimes feel like it’s testing your body’s flexibility. Challenge your friends to not fall down laughing while playing this game, though you might lose!

Dart Game

Get ready for the classic game of darts, with the Dart Game set. The dartboard can easily be hung on a distance acceptable for all players. There are numerous versions of the game that can be played, and players can also make up their own rules as they play- making darts an interesting game for people of all ages.

 Ouch! Game Junior – Pull Out Sticks Without Dropping Marbles

Ouch! is a perfect game for parties as it will engage everyone’s attention. The objective of the game is to pull out the sticks without letting the marbles fall. This is a fun game that ensures laughter and excitement.


A card game that is liked by adults, teenagers and kids alike, UNO is a game that also has the power to destroy years of friendship with a single stroke of the draw four cards while also having action cards to make things more interesting. No matter what the party is about, this game is an absolute winner for when you’re in the mood for fun!

Monopoly Deal 

While you might have gotten used to the regular board game of monopoly, Monopoly Deal is a new card game that makes the classic game even more addictive, fast-paced and fun. 


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