The Ultimate Trick to Solve the Brainvita Game!

Brainvita or Peg Solitaire or Marble Solitaire is a game of marbles, marbles, and more marbles! Yes, the game is completely based on and revolves around the marbles that come along with the Brainvita game board. The aim is to have just one marble left on the Brainvita board at the end of the board game. This means that all the other marbles need to be eliminated, but how?! Hmm a board game, brainvita is quite a tricky game to play. It can be a lot of fun and yet could be a little overwhelming at the same time. So, what is the trick to solve this super tricky game? Let's find out!

The first step is to identify the marbles directly before you on the brainvita game board. Now, eliminate the marbles, starting from the centre marble of the centre row. Place this marble in the empty hole at the centre of the brainvita game board. Next, bring the marble at the corner's centre to the empty whole created as a result of the first step. The third step is to move the first marble at the right corner to the empty hole created because of the second step. Take a look at the picture below. 


Now, move the marble from the left corner to the space created at the right corner. From there, move the same marble to the third hole. Move the fourth marble from the right row to the second place, where the empty space was created. Follow the picture below.


Next, apply the same trick to the other three sides as well. Have a look at the pictures below.


Once these steps are done, you'll get rid of all the marbles placed at each of the corners of the brainvita game board. Next, the trick is to move one marble all across the board in such a way (either clockwise/ anti-clockwise) that it helps you eliminate most of the other marbles. Check the image below to get an idea of the process.

Now, the final steps! Follow the steps in the two pictures below to eliminate all other marbles, and you'll be left with a single marble, exactly at the centre of the brainvita game board!!

And that's it. You have successfully solved the brainvita board game! (*drumrolls*) We hope you had fun playing the board game. Go, outsmart your friends now, teach them the super genius trick! They'll hail you the group's king/ queen, for sure! (*wink*)

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