Top 10 Sports & Active Play Toys & Games for Kids and Young Adults

A child’s main form of interaction with the world is through physical touch and play. Through sports and active play, they develop principles like teamwork, friendship and leadership which further contribute heavily to a child's emotional and intellectual growth.

In this blog post, we’ve listed down the top 10 sports and active play toys for kids and young adults you could get at Snooplay!

1). 2 in 1 Baseball and Tennis pitcher (electronic toy) for kids sports & active play.

This toy is the best example of "practice makes perfect". With our 2 in 1 electric baseball and tennis pitcher, your toddler can make accurate estimates of the trajectory of a ball, make precision hits or even catches. Introduce them to the world of ball skill sport with this picture!

Check out more about the 2 in 1 electronic baseball and tennis pitcher here

2). Kids Boxing set punching stand (outdoor/indoor sports & active play).

Boxing improves balance, helps posture, strengthens upper body and core, boosts endurance and improves hand-eye coordination. Introduce your child to this world of boxing sport where heroes like Mary Kom becomes an inspiration for our kids to do better and be better!

Check out more about the boxing set punching stand here

3). The Bow and Arrow archery set for kids (outdoor/indoor active play).

Archery teaches valuable skills to your kids as well as you; sportsmanship, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, improves your focus and upper body strength and physics. All of these are valuable in case of a zombie apocalypse xD

Check out more about the bow and arrow archery set here 

4). Air hockey game big (table top game with charger) 

Our guilty pleasure! Air hockey table top games allows for fun competitions and great evenings. A super amazing tabletop game which improves dexterity, agility, reaction time of players and enhances your eye-hand coordination at the same time.

Check out more about the Air hockey table top game here

5). Original Hasbro Twister game.

An incredibly fun game, twister will tie you up in knots! We’re being literal xD

A game that increases your flexibility, dexterity, agility and also makes you fall back on your back. It’s not as easy as it sounds, for no player is allowed to touch their knees or elbows to the twister game mat!

Check out more about this hasbro twister game here 


6). 2 in 1 Music jam playmat indoor game activity for kids.

This super interesting 2 in 1 music playmat for kids comes with various musical instrument features such as drums, keyboard, guitar and more. Help your kid learn the skills of our musical world, and along with have, have heaps of active game play fun!

Check out more about this 2 in 1 music jam playmat here


7). Thrilling Sporty Scooter for kids outdoor/indoor sports & active play.

Scooters - endless fun to roam around! This thrilling sporty scooter is so handy and can be easily carried by children as well as teens. An active toy which helps in toning the muscles, building stamina and increase level of physical fitness.

Check out more about this thrilling sporty scooter here


8). Billiards Pool Table big.

Aren’t we all hooked up to playing 8 ball pool online? Let’s make it a little realistic by getting this big billiards snooker pool table and play the game as many times, as many people you want, all at the comfort of your home! Playing billiards pool builds your focus, hand-eye coordination and sharpens your mind!

Check out more about this Billiards pool table here

9). Skateboard for kids (outdoor/indoor sport & active play)

A tricky sport, but enjoyable! Skateboarding improves precision and this involves a lot of coordination between your eyes, legs, feet and arms. It offers an array of advantages including pain tolerance, stress relief, precision, reflexes and patience.

Check out more about this skateboard here 


10). Tabletop Foosball Jumbo with long and short detachable legs (foosball game)

How do we feel about having a simple light hearted friendly match with this amazing foosball table top game? A must have for every home, office, play rooms and wherever you want one because we quite literally can’t get enough of these little guys!

check out more about this tabletop foosball table here

So, get these sports and active play toys and games for your kid at Snooplay.

Let's make skillful play a little more fun for them! 


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