Top Drinking Games #2020

Often it happens that we plan a house- party, and get super excited about it, but don't know how to bring in the excitement to the party? When it comes to party games, a lot has been said, but a lot of the games are the typical and classic ones. The ones we have been playing since god knows when, and now, well.. it doesn't live up to the excitement standards.

Let's see if we can bring in some quirky products for you and amp up your party nights. Check out these top party drinking games, and don't forget to get them before your next party!!


1. Social Humour Card Game

Social Humour Card Game

Well, what's better than the old school, laid back card games? Let us tell you, it's the card games with a twist. That's exactly what Social Humour Card Game is all about. Classic, best quality cards with random questions and super funny, quirky answers!!

Get this Social Humour Card Game to get that party scene rolling!

Ermm.. a bit of foul language does no harm, right?


2. Drinking Ludo Game

Drinking Ludo

Yet again, what a game! We have played ludo all through our childhood, even online. now it's time to play the same old ludo, in a new, fun, quirky way! Ludo with shots- yes, you heard that right!! A round of ludo, a round of shots, tonnes of crazy, quirky fun!

Grab this fun classic game with a fantastic twist, and be the party king of your group!!


3. 300 Pieces Poker Set

Poker Set

Who doesn't love Poker? And who doesn't love poker at a party? Well, if you are looking for the perfect set of poker game, we have it here. How could you miss it? It's the most fun and quirky game, party perfect in every way! 

Play the poker, or let the poker play you! Who cares after those drinks down? 


4. Globe Drink Dispenser

Drink Dispenser

We hated Geography. All of us did. And that's why we hated the globe too! Well, let us give you a reason to love that old, boring globe. This globe-shaped drink dispenser is the perfect product to bring that quirk to your house party. A classic stand out, this globe dispenser will have all your friends bowing before you for the quirkiness you bring to the floor. 

Quirk and twerk, what a bomb combination!


5. Drunken Tower with Shot Glasses

Drunk Jenga

Calm down, we have something for the Jenga lovers too. This Drunken Tower game is a fantastic twist to the classic game of Jenga. Complete challenges every time you remove a block. And as you play forward, imagine the fun! A sober Jenga game is difficult, a drunk Jenga game... well, we have nothing to say!


The fun doesn't end here. For more fun, quirky products, check out our page here. Have a super exciting party night!!


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