Unique Names for Your Newborn Baby Boy

"What's in a name?", once asked Shakespeare. Had it been any other person, we would have let the statement pass by. Was he 'just another man' kinda person? No. Shakespeare was and is the greatest writer in the English language. Not just that, he's also the world's best dramatist! So when he spoke these words, we were compelled to think over it. And we did. We did think, "really, what's there in a name". Well, quite a lot it seems. Especially in India, and the Hindu culture mostly, name- keeping is a sacred occasion. There's a full-blown function for a child's name- keeping- puja, havan, kundli- what not!

This is precisely why we wandered off into the land of unique baby names. We got to know so many! Unique names for baby girls, unique names for baby boys.. what a long list it was. Worry not you, we are not taking you through that long journey. What we are doing instead, is bringing to you the choicest names for newborn baby boys that we could pick out for you! Read on, who knows, maybe you'll find THE NAME for your newborn!!

Shubhaarambh karein? Chalo!

1. Ahil

In the long list of names, the first names that sparked our interest were Ahil. Wondering where we found such a unique name? Well we didn't have to go off too far, because Ayat also seems to be the name of Salman Khan's little, adorable nephew! Yes, Arpit Khan and Aayush Sharma's little prince got this unique name at birth. Why unique? Hmm, do you know the meaning of 'Ahil'? No. Let us tell you. Ahil is a name of Arabic- origination, and means the 'Emperor', 'Ruler', 'Great Leader'. Got the name on the top of your list, haven't you now?!

2. Karrma

We are all too familiar with the word, but never did we think of it as a name for a baby boy. Did we?! Well, remember Mohit Suri, the director of Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain, and the more recent Malang? Yes the one who was also a part of Nach Baliye. Exactly him. He named his little warrior baby boy Karrma. Yes, with a double 'r'! Pretty visibly unique, yeah? We need no explanations!

3. Agniv

'Agniv' as a name for a newborn baby boy means 'bright as light'. Every child is special, and more so for their parents. However, if your baby boy won over hurdles to get to the world, or if he has that super glow on his face, or maybe he's simply the reason of joy in your life- Agniv is surely an apt name for your little angel!

4. Reyan

Translating into 'fame', Reyan is a super perfect name for your baby boy. He's already seen nine months of fame in his life, right? And so much more is yet to be accomplished! Reyan is a suitable name if you are trying out unique names for your baby boy.

5. Vyom 

Vyom means 'sky'. Now, is that the most uniquely appropriate name ever? Yes, well we think so! Sky is the limit right? Nothing is greater or mightier than, or even never-ending like the sky! FYI, Vyom is derived from the Sanskrit word 'vyoman', meaning atmosphere. Spiritually correct too, jot down the name in the suggestion list you made for your baby boy!

6. Yuvein 

Your adorable baby boy would love you for an extra reason when he grows up. Guess what? Well, you chose his name! Yuvein starts with the letter 'Y', which means he'll never be the first name on the roll call (hehe!). Yuvein as a name for a baby boy means 'young at heart'. Perfect? Perfectly perfect we think! For one shall never let go of the child in them, and when the heart itself is young, life's gonna be a smooth sail for your baby boy.

7. Zian 

Zian means 'self peace'. Isn't that exactly what we are trying to attain, searching for peace in mountains, along beaches, in temples and mosques, anywhere & everywhere! Well, if you choose this name for your baby boy, guess where you'll have to go searching for peace? To your little angel! Also, he'll need self peace growing up too, wouldn't he? 

That's it for now. These are the seven names we picked out from the garden of names for you. Didn't want to confuse you too much cramming up a lot of names, hehe. We hope you do like these unique names, and maybe your heart settles on that one name for your baby boy! If not, you can also suggest some of these names to other new parents finding unique names for their newborn baby boy just like you!! Till then, love & squishes to your little baby!


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