Unique Rakhi Designs and Rakhi Gifts for Your Brother 

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a traditional festival celebrated by Hindus across the globe. Over the years, you might have seen a wide variety of Rakhis. But we all know the struggle to find the perfect Rakhi. The Rakhi that perfectly suits your brother and one that he can show off on Instagram. We at Snooplay bring to you 8 Unique Rakhi Designs that you will absolutely love.  #YehRakhiSnooplayWaali 

Traveler Bhai Rakhi

For the brother who is always travelling. He has been to Ladakh , he is a regular at Goa and he spends his annual leave backpacking at some remote corner of this world. When you saw Bunny in ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’ you couldn’t stop thinking how similar he was to your brother. 

So if your brother’s life mantra is ‘Main udna chahta hu… daudna chahta hu.. girna bhi chahta hu bas rukna nahi chahta’, your brother and this Rakhi are made for each other.

World Scratch Map

Click here to order this Rakhi for him.

Rakhi Gift for your brother

This Scratchable World Map will be your brother’s to-do list forever. The thrill of exploring new geographies , new countries and cities but coming back home refreshed and ready to scratch off few new places off the map. And your brother’s reaction upon seeing this gift? That reaction would be priceless, we have no doubt about that. 

Click here to order this Scratchable World Map.

Gamer Bhai Rakhi

If your brother is a hardcore gamer and is always attending his ‘Call of Duty’ , playing FIFA or can’t get enough of Assassin’s Creed, this Rakhi is apt for him. Join him for a quick game on Rakhi – it might be a lot of fun!

For all the gamers out there, here’s a Rakhi that matches your persona.

Game Over Mug

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Rakhi Gift for your gamer brother

If you’re feeling extra generous this year, buy your brother this mug that he can proudly flaunt and carry to his hostel room / bachelor pad. 

The best thing about this mug – the message ‘Game Over’ appears when the drink is over. 

Could this mug get any cooler?

Startup Wala Bhai Rakhi

This Rakhi is for the brother who is always hustling, running his empire and busy 24 x 7 with work. 

Your hardworking, dedicated brother definitely deserves a unique Rakhi for himself. This Rakhi, apart from protecting you, you really hope he can protect his Startup from the all the challenges that he faces on a daily basis.

 Click here to order the Rakhi for your entrepreneur brother.

Swag Wala Bhai Rakhi

If your brother has lots of swagger and is the ‘cool’ sibling, this is for him. By getting him this Rakhi, tell him that you think he is very cool.

Appreciate his ‘Swag’ atleast for one day every year. Click here to buy this Rakhi.

Rakhi gift online for your Swag Waala Bhai

This Royal Enfield Die Cast Bike might really impress your Swag Waala Bhai. Its majestic appeal, beautifully detailed exterior is a must have for any bike lover. 

Show this gift to all the bike lovers. Click here to buy the diecast bike.

Royal Enfield Die Cast

Beard man Rakhi

Do you have a brother who is obsessed with his beard? We all do! 

Calling all the beard obsessed brothers – this Rakhi is specially created just for you. Tie this Rakhi on your brother’s wrist and lets hope that his beard protects him and you for the years to come. 


Bro Number 1 Rakhi

 If you truly believe that your brother is the best and there is no better way to describe him, you can stop in your tracks.

This #1 Brother Rakhi will lift your brother’s spirits whenever and wherever he sees this Rakhi tied on his wrist – whether he’s on a con call or whether he’s cooking.

Rakhi Gifts for the # 1 Brother 

Your brother truly deserves the best. Show him the Snooplay website and let the #1 Brother choose anything that he wants.


  • Rakhi for the Older and Younger Brother

Bada Bhai RakhiChota Bhai Rakhi

If your brothers falls into none of the above categories, then fret not. Buy him a Bada Bhai (Big Brother) or a Choti Bhai (Younger Brother) Rakhi. The Rakhi is still cute, customised and yet simple. Click here to place the order. 

Additionally, let your brothers choose their own Rakhi gift this time around. Click here to check out the Snooplay website.

We are sure that you must have found the Rakhi of your dreams by now. This Rakhi, let’s buy from small businesses , let’s keep it local with a #SnooplayWaliRakhi. 


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