Original Monopoly Deal Card Game
Original Monopoly Deal Card Game
Original Monopoly Deal Card Game
Original Monopoly Deal Card Game
Original Monopoly Deal Card Game
Original Monopoly Deal Card Game

Original Monopoly Deal Card Game

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Love the game of Monopoly? Enjoy the monopoly board game a lot? Well, the monopoly game just became more addictive, fast, and fun. How? With the Monopoly Deal Card Game!!

Yes, you heard that right. This fun monopoly card game by Funskool/Hasbro is all you need to make those dull Sunday afternoons bright. Also, have that house party coming up? What better way to connect and have a fun evening than playing the Monopoly Deal Card Game!? 

Why wait? Grab this monopoly card game now. Collect your property cards, but beware of those debt collectors while playing this monopoly card game!

Dive into the fun world of card games here!

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How to play Monopoly Deal card game?

Objective: Be the first person to collect & lay down three full property sets of different colours.

  • Shuffle the monopoly deal deck; take 2 cards from the draw deck.
  • Lay out up to 3 cards from your hand. Put the playing cards in front of you (face- up) in any combination of the below- mentioned ways.
  • Deposit money or Action Cards into the Bank pile, Lay a property playing card displayed before you. Play an Action Card by following the instructions given on that playing card!
  • Buy, borrow, lend!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How many players can play a monopoly card game at a time?

    The monopoly deal card game can be played by 2 to 5 players at one time.

  • How many cards are there in the monopoly deal card game?

    The monopoly deal game consists of a deck of 110 monopoly cards.

  • What kind of cards is present in the monopoly deal deck?

    The monopoly deck consists of 4 quick start rule cards, 20 money cards, 34 action cards, 13 rent cards, 28 property cards & 11 property wildcards.

  • Can I take back the cards that I laid earlier?

    No. In monopoly deal, a dealt card cannot be taken back. A card laid is a card played!

  • What if a player has 7 or more monopoly cards at the end of a turn?

    The player needs to place the excess monopoly deal cards in the draw deck kept in the center.

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