Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20
Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20
Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20
Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20
Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20
Speed X  Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20

Speed X Remote Control Stunt Spray Car Scale 1:20

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That sounds like an exciting remote control car! The addition of a spray design to create a red tail flame effect when driving at high speeds is a unique feature that can enhance the racing experience. Here's a breakdown of the key features you mentioned:

  1. Unique Racing Tail Flame: By adding water to the water bottle, the car can spray a red tail flame effect while driving at high speeds. This feature adds realism and can attract the attention of other children, making it feel like a real racing competition.

  2. Remote Operation: The car uses a 2.4GHz transmission signal for remote control. This ensures a stable and reliable connection between the remote and the car. The car's motor can provide a high speed of 10-15km/h, allowing for fast-paced racing. The signal transmission range is at least 5 meters, giving you a decent operating distance.

  3. Extremely Strong Grip: The car's tires are made of high-quality PVC material, which is soft, elastic, and can be adjusted based on different road conditions. This allows for excellent grip and ensures the car can handle various terrains. The tires' earthquake-resistant and skid-resistant properties make it suitable for driving fast on different surfaces.

  4. Adjustable Direction System: The car features a pointing needle at the bottom, which allows you to flexibly adjust the car's direction according to your preference. This feature provides better control and maneuverability during races.

  5. Strong Body Structure: The car's body is designed with dozens of screws to ensure sturdiness and durability. The use of high-quality raw materials extends the service life of the car. The package includes a car battery, and the remote control requires 2 AA pencil cells, which are also included.

Overall, this remote control car seems to offer a thrilling racing experience with its unique tail flame effect, strong grip, adjustable direction system, and sturdy body structure. It's a great choice for kids who enjoy remote control car racing.


The Speed X Remote Control Stunt Spray Car sounds even more impressive with the additional function of water injection. Here's an updated breakdown of the functions:

  1. Forward and Backward: The car can move forward and backward, giving you control over its direction and allowing you to explore different areas.

  2. Turn Left and Turn Right: The car can make left and right turns, providing maneuverability and the ability to navigate obstacles or perform stunts.

  3. Light: The car is equipped with lights, enhancing visibility and adding a visual effect while driving. This feature is especially useful in low-light conditions.

  4. Spray: The car has a spray function that allows it to emit a spray, creating a visual effect like a tail flame or mist. This feature adds excitement and can capture the attention of others.

  5. Water Injection: With the water injection function, you can add water to the car, enabling it to create the spray effect mentioned earlier. This feature enhances the realism of the tail flame or mist effect, making your racing experience more engaging and fun.

The Speed X Remote Control Stunt Spray Car offers a range of movements such as forward, backward, left and right turns, along with lighting and a unique spray effect created by water injection. These features make it a versatile and thrilling remote control car that can perform stunts, attract attention, and provide an immersive racing experience.

Warning: Be careful not to splash on car when adding water, prevent short circuit board

  • Age: 6 Years and Above 
  • Content: 1 Stunt Spray Car with Remote Control
  • Box Dimension(Approx): 25.5 cm(length) x 12 cm(width) x 11.5 cm(height) 
  • Product Dimension(Approx): 18.5 cm(Length) 
  • Brand: KMRC
  • Material: Plastic Body with Rubber Parts
  • Country Origin: China
  • BIS Certified
  • Battery: Required For Car Uses 2X1.5V "AA" Batteries (Not Included) + Remote Control Uses 2X1.5V "AA" Batteries (Not Included) 

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