11 Gifts for Kids: Best Toys and Games for Child Development

Finding the best gifts for kids is the biggest task. You need to get something that the children like and at the same time the toys and games should also be helpful for the kids in increasing their skill sets. While many parents and grown-ups think that toys and games are fun ways for kids to while away their time, it is important to remember the educational toys and educational games for kids play a huge role in their development. Along with Cognitive development in children an increase in creative skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill, decision making and critical thinking around related to kind of toys and games are there exposed to.  It is thus the duty of grown-ups to make sure that when they are looking for gifts for toddlers and kids, they get the best. And by best, we mean something that engages them and educates them at the same time.  But this can be a difficult search so here we are with the list of gifts for kids which are some of the best toys and games that will help in child development. 

1. Knowledge Bank Educational Games For Kids

One of the best ways to help baby brain development is the Jigsaw puzzles.  Puzzle games and brain teasers are great ways to help your child to grow into an intelligent person.  The Knowledge Bank Educational Games For Kids contains 7 puzzles which are alphabet puzzles,  number puzzles,  Shapes puzzles,  colours puzzle, and the parts of the body puzzle. Along with building hand eye coordination your child will definitely gain some points in the logical skills area as they figure out various important components of the learning process.

2. Melody Xylophone Musical Toy For Kids

Kids learn in different ways. There is no one way or a linear method of learning and understanding the world around them. Some kids pick up on visual information while many others level up through auditory skills and musical toys.  The melody xylophone musical toy for kids is made for children who can pick up music by ear.  This colorful sound toy will help your child in developing communication skills and social skills. The musical toy for toddlers is ideal for any kid who wants to start learning music at a very early age.


3. Mag-Paradise Magnetic Blocks Set For Kids


4. Giant Polydron Blocks Game

When you want something that challenges your kid you need to get the giant polytron box game.  This colorful puzzle has multiple blocks for kids which are quite easy to put together. Kids learning toy quite accessible for children with special needs as well because this puzzle game comes with Braille markings on it. Educational building blocks game will help in improving spatial skills and fine motor skills.

5. Fun Colouring Mat For Kids

Children are all about creativity and imagination. The best gift that you can get for toddlers is this coloring mat which is washable and reusable. The coloring mat provides various templates for children to paint and have fun with.  Best for brain development in kids and also help them take part in their art and craft activities. The winner of the hobby and craft award 2019 Is a perfect gift for kids who love painting games and want to work towards becoming an artist and a graphic designer. 

6. Mechanix Motorbike Edition 

Is your kid a construction set fan? Are they a big-time bike geek?  If your answer is yes then you must get this Mechanix motorbike construction game set.  Your kid would be putting together an entire bike with various toy tools and equipment. The perfect STEM toy to direct your kid into a path of invention and research. The Toy bike construction set will improve creativity and cognitive development in children. This is the perfect gift for toddlers who love putting things together with their own hands. Get your engineer the perfect gift with a mechanics motorbike edition.

7. Brain Builder Wooden Building Blocks

Are you thinking about getting building blocks for your kids?  We have something much better.  The brain builder  wooden building Planks by Ekta toys Is a perfect toy that you turn your child into a genius.  Just by following instructions your kid will be creating wooden building blocks . While doing this they will be enhancing their problem solving skills,  hand-eye coordination,  and creative skills.  If you see an architect or an engineer in your child then you must get this brain builder wooden building blocks toy for kids.

8. Electro Magnetic Set

Even when you are getting toys and games for toddlers,  we know you are concerned about their safety.  You also want to encourage them in their endeavors.  You do not have to choose between the two.  Get the Electro Kit Magnetic Set and make sure your child can perform all his science experiments in the safety of your house. The child can follow the instructions on the stem toy and worked his way around wires and magnets. Learning toy will for sure develop their logical skills and help in cognitive development.  We can't wait to see your kids change the world with all the fun experiments. 

9. Rubik's Cube By Funskool

Challenge makes way for learning. Make sure your next big gift for kids is a Rubik's Cube by Funskool.  Using this 3D cube puzzle game your kid will master all the other puzzle games.  Solving the Rubik's Cube may take a few days or even weeks,  but it is the perseverance that counts.  Finally, when your child reforms the Rubik's Cube you will be so proud of him or her.  More importantly, they would become confident in their problem solving and cognitive skills.  the puzzle cube also greatly affects strategy skills as well. 

10. Intelligent Colourful High And Low Cylinder

The Intelligence Colourful High And Low Cylinder  is  a unique toy that you must gift to your kids if you want them to learn all about shapes, colors and height. This is also a great toy for children with special needs. Colorful Cylindrical blocks  help in improving hand eye coordination and act as a sensory toys for autistic kids as well. The playing blocks for kids would be a great way to enhance their color recognition skills and shape recognition as well. the perfect gift for kids if you want to have an overall child development.

11. Scotland yard

If you want your kids to be great at strategy making and decision making you need to get Scotland yard as gifts for kids.  Children need to learn how to make all the right moves.  It is not just about maths and science,  there are life skills that children need to learn and they do it best from board games.  Scotland yard is a fun board game to play with friends and family,  which will enhance your kids’ communication skills,   social skills,  and logical skills. 

We hope that the gift for toddlers that you choose from this list helps them with incomplete development and learning processes. We know you care the most for your kid and it is and you take this responsibility very seriously.  We hope your kid loves the gift you get them and that they have a lot of fun playing it.

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