Top 7 Benefits of Playing Board Games for Kids

Millennials or Generation Z, we have all moved to our screens full time. For instant messaging, streaming, research and for all important purposes, we have made the online and the virtual our go-to. It is then natural that many of us have turned to online games and virtual reality for fun and entertainment. While some of us still have early memories of playing board games at home, with our friends and family, many of today's kids won't have them. It is because many of them are directly moving to various screens. Board games are one such interesting section under games and toys that children will miss out on. Many times parents argue that it is rather normal that they focus on smartphones and the internet considering these have stronger benefits for them. But we are here to tell you that board games for kids have a lot of important benefits that these kids are missing out. Check out these top 7 benefits of playing board games for kids. 

Reduced Screen Time for Kids

One of the best reasons why you should get board games for kids is because they will help in reducing screen time for kids. Kids spend long hours on mobile phones and tablets. Their eyes are strained easily causing poor eyesight and low energy which in turn will affect all the other activities that the child should be taking part in. Get the Electronic World Trade Game for kids so that while they play with this fun business board game they are not looking at a screen. Rather they are having fun and learning about trade and finance. These also help in developing hand eye coordination so which will increase their focus as well. 

Better Relationship with Family

The more screens in a house, the more isolated members of the family would be. Smartphones and tablets have great advantages but they hardly provide a collective experience. This affects the family bonding time which good old board games could take care of. Board games are some of the best games for families to play together. Everyone can take part in the Funskool's The Game of Life as you go through various stages of life and laughing together about all the fun weird turns that your take. The 8 in 1 Board Game set by Brand’s is also an amazing family board game that consists of not 1, not 2 but a total of 8 games. This makes it easier to choose the board games to play on every game night. 

Increases Socialization Skills

Board games for kids are known to be great social games. These are fun to play with and will make any kid want to join in. They will encourage you to take part in group activities and speak up when you have to. In a game like Monopoly, you will be doing business with your fellow players. You will have fun as you buy and sell properties. You might even have a little scuffle but that is how the ice breaks. Board games help in social development in kids and help them improve their emotional skills as well. Count Down Board game is another fun board games to play at home which helps in socialization. Kids will learn new words and will have to guess the word that the opponent has come with as well. 

Setting Goals and Making Decisions

Kids need to learn to set a goal as early as possible. As they grow up they come across innumerable tasks and they need to learn to prioritize. This involves decision making and constant learning. A great way to help them understand these concepts is through board games. These indoor games will introduce them to these skills and give them many chances to practice these skills as well. Chess and Ludo Board game is the perfect example of a board game for kids where goals need to be set and certain decisions are to be made. These need to be thought properly and are not made randomly. Your kid can use these skills in the future as part of their career roles in management and leadership. Scotland Yard is another fun strategy game where kids need to use their moves wisely. Decision making is key in this board games to play with friends.

Increasing Creativity and Imagination

Children have all the creative ideas in the world. They do not fear to dream and so their imagination has no limit. But this ability needs to be nurtured and kept alive as they grow up. Board games are the right choice of games if you want your kids to change the world with all their amazing ideas. Funskool Board games like the Original Twister game will push your kids to challenge themselves in a difficult situation they have to come up with creative ways of staying in the game of Twister. Another one of the fun games to play is the Pictureka where kids have to use their imagination and play this fun picture board game and understand what's in the cards. 

Strategy building and Critical Thinking 

The game of chess brings up a serious image of two grandmasters sitting in front of a chessboard, going at it to win the game. But this Wooden Chess game will show you how smooth and fun this strategy game is. Well, of course that does not mean that you will not learn critical thinking and strategy skills from this game. Chess pawns are always at the battle, and you need to win the game. Chess sharpens your mind, makes you keep focus, and always strategizes on not just what your moves are going to be, but also expecting your opponent's moves. Cluedo is another fun strategy game like chess where players have to use strategy and element of mystery to find out a murderer. Cluedo encourages the players to use reason and find evidence to get hold of the culprit. 

Vocabulary Building and Language Skills

One might not think that board games will help in communication skills but it is the truth. Fun board games to play at home can also be a great teacher of spellings and words. If you pick up a game of scrabble you and your fellow players will be exchanging your word banks with each other and therefore learning new words. Speller Junior and Speller Senior are two other fun games that you can pick up. These indoor family games help you in learning spellings from a varied range of words. Base on your age or level of comprehension you can pick up from either of the games. Spell board games help in improving language skills and help in reading skills and writing skills as well. Children need these skills in their school and while writing exams or assignments. Even as they move on in life, they will remember these important words that they learned from fun board games. 

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