Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)
Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)
Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)
Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)

Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)

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The world of spellings awaits you. Buy the Speller Senior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling) and get set ready to expand your knowledge and vocabulary. This fun board game will motivate kids and adults to learn new words, pick on the correct spelling and encourage you to write more. Reading and writing skills are important in this and age, so make sure you get this educational board game and begin the word right away.

The fun spelling game comes in a box that contains a multi colour play board, 4 pawns for each player or team, 336 spelling cards divided into 3 groups (each card with three words), 1 special dice, and Instructions. The challenging game has 3 levels that the players need to get through. This educational game is extremely enjoyable, where the players have to spell the words correctly to move around the game board and win the Speller Senior game. The players will get to test their knowledge of 1008 words, improving vocabulary, and become a spelling master. 

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How to play Speller board game?

  • The play board is set up and players decide on their pawns. Players can also divide themselves into teams to play this board game. 

  • The players or teams will roll the dice and the word to be spelt is decided.

  • The player or team that spells the word correctly first will get to move their pawn as many spots as it appeared on the dice. 

  • The player or the team that moves past the START spot will be the winner of the round. The winner of three such rounds will be the Champion of the Speller Senior game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many players can play the Speller board game?

    Speller can be played by 2 to 4 players at a time.

  • How many spelling cards are there?

    Speller Senior board game consists of 900-word cards.

  • Can the board game be played by a 9 year old?

    No. Speller Senior board game is suitable for children aged 10 years and above.

  • Is the board provided with the game?

    Yes, the Speller board comes along with the Speller box set.

  • Does the game require a battery?

    No, Speller Senior does not require any battery. 

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