21 Useful Return Gift Ideas For Kids’ Birthday Parties

Organizing a birthday party requires a long list of to-dos and running around. But you do it all without thinking much because it is your sweet little childs' special day and you would do anything to see a smile on their face, wouldn't you? But we know that you will get tired, so here we have a list of return gifts that you can get for a kids' birthday party. Yes, return gifts are very important but also can be a headache to figure out. Especially because many times these gifts might never be used again. But we know how you like your return gifts and how much you care for your guests so scroll on to find some amazing options from Snooplay's special collection of useful return gifts for toddlers.

1. Multipurpose Drawer Rack Compartments

Utility storage is a must and all the kids need to learn how to organize their stuff. The Multipurpose Drawer Rack Compartments will be the perfect return gift for kids as it would help them make space, keep their items neat and tidy and most importantly, add cute bedroom decor to their room. 

2. 5 Packs of Wooden Pencil Box

What more does a kid need if he or she has a Wooden Pencil Box? This beautiful wooden collectible comes to the color pencils and a wooden ruler. Kids need the best equipment while writing assignments and beautifying them with all the colors. Perfect gift for guests who are in love with a bit of art and craft activities .



 3. 5 Packs of Paint Brush Pens

Kids at your party might need some fun paint to play with after the whole bash. Get these Paint Brush Pens that best birthday party return gifts for kids who love to paint and draw. These will help in increasing creativity and introduce them to a fun activity like painting. Your kid would be proud of all the return gift ideas that you come up with.

4. 5 Pieces of Happy White and Black board

Drawing and doodling are children's ways of passing time, but these help them memorize and understand the world. Get the 5 Pieces of Happy White and Black board as return gifts for a birthday party. These white board for kids, which are 2 in 1 writing board, will increase their love for learning. Get these return gifts online at Snooplay right away

5. Snackeez 2 in1 Snack and Drink Cup

Buy the Snackeez 2 in1 Snack and Drink Cup and never worry about children's snack time. Perfect return gift idea if you are a parent who always worries about children's nutrition. The Snack and Drink Cup will ensure there is always something to munch on for the kids. 

6. 10 Packs of Mug

The 10 Pack of Mugs is among best return gifts for kids because of how portable and easy to use it is. Your kid can cover it with a lid and it's perfect while traveling or while on a short trip? Now how many return gifts for kids would do that for children.  

7. Pack of 5 Unicorn Multi Colored Ink Pen

The Unicorn Multi Colored Ink Pen is the best among  useful gifts for toddlers. Kids won't just learn to write, they would use multiple ink colors which will increase colour recognition. Kids would also be excited to write and learn to try and see how different colors would look on their copies. 

8. Pack of 5 Fidget Spinners

9. Pack of 5 Unicorn Watergame

10. 5 Packs of Rolling Crayon Pens


11. 10 Packs of Brain Teaser Puzzle for Kids


12. 5 Packs of Roller Stamper Marker

Kids can play with Packs of Roller Stamper Marker, by using them for their projects and decorating their assignments. Kids can also expand their creativity by using stamper and making various designs. The best birthday gifts for kid boy and return gifts for girls who love art and craft games. 

13. 5 Cappuchino Mugs with Spoon

These 5 Cappuchino Mugs with Spoon are best gift for kids. These return gifts can be a great way to encourage kids to drink more energy drinks and protein shakes for better health. Nutrition is an important aspect of childhood and makes sure you get this useful return gift for toddlers for the birthday party. 

14. 5 Boxes of Dough

Wondering how 5 Boxes of Dough can be a useful return gift? Kids improve their creative skills and fine motor skills as they use play dough. The playdough for kids also helps in communication skills and social skill development in kids. Get these as return gifts for the birthday party and you would see how everyone loves it. 

15. Pack of 5 Yoyo Balls

The kids need a good sport that is also a fun hobby. The Yoyo would be a great return gift for children as it provides them a fun activity while also strengthening their motor skills. It helps their hand eye coordination as well. It would make a good birthday gift for boys too.

16. 10 Packs of Wooden Tic Tac Toe

Wondering what fun game will be a great among return gift ideas for kids? Get the 10 Packs of Wooden Tic Tac Toe and watch as your kids' friends are delighted to see the wooden game.  The best thing about this return gifts for kids is that it helps in strategy skills and decision making among kids. 


17. 20 Packs of Mind Puzzler 

Get these 20 Packs of Mind Puzzler as birthday party return gifts and you will see how everyone would be back for the next party you throw. They help in increasing memory skills, logical thinking and a taste in puzzle games. Yes! These are fun and addictive puzzle games for children that would be ideal return gifts for birthday parties

18. 5 Packs of Tattoo Gel Pens

Buy the 5 Packs of Tattoo Gel Pens as return gifts for girls and boys who love to draw. These tattoo gel pens are non toxic and washable so you don't have to worry about any of those. These will help kids in self-expression and increase their social skills along with communication skills.  

19. 5 Packs of Bubble Stick

Some of the useful return gifts for toddlers can be just fun also. These 5 Packs of Bubble Stick will blow kids' minds and your house will be filled with colorful bubbles. These are great return gift ideas for 1st birthday when you want your little one to be surrounded by cute looking bubbles. 


20. 5 Pieces Magic Slate Red and Blue

The 5 Pieces Magic Slate Red and Blue would be great return gifts for kids as these help kids in writing and doodling. Any message written on the slate can be easily wiped off. These are great return gift ideas for increasing communication skills in children and make them more active in how they leave messages about important events. 

 21. 10 Packs of Moulds and Clay

Get the 10 Packs of Moulds and Clay and watch as kids get into creating and molding. These will help children in strengthening fine motor skills and exploring their creative side. An excellent return gift idea for any birthday party, this will bring all the kids together as they learn from each other. A perfect end to your perfect party.

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