6 Tips and Tricks to Play and Win Chess Like a Pro

Chess is a strategy game that requires patience and since it is one of the intellectual games, we need to put our best foot forward if we have to win. In this blog, we will discuss with you some excellent tips and tricks on how to master chess.

Were you also inspired by the story of Queen’s gambit from the popular Netflix series and are wondering how to become a chess grandmaster as she did? Well, we definitely are! So we thought why not pull out some tips and tricks that will help us and you play chess like a pro. Playing chess with friends has always been fun but the final moment when you get to checkmate your opponent feels different, doesn’t it? So to be 100% sure that we win the next chess game we have formulated some chess tricks from real-life champions of chess, so make sure you stick till the end to find out! 

Best Chess Tricks That Turn You Into A Winner

1. Open With A Pawn

The understated or if we may say the underdog trick in a chess game is the opening move of a pawn. As you already would know, the pawn can move two blocks at first and then it follows the path of a single square per move. So, moving the pawn in front of the king or queen to make space for bishops and rooks who travel in a specified manner to enter the game is our first chess trick. This ensures that you have both big and small players ready to capture the enemy while your king stays safe.

2. Castle Your King Into Safety

The king stands supreme in the chess board game, so if you’re wondering what is the trick to save you from checkmate, it is this. Castle or rook comes into play when the blocks between the king and rook are clear. Move your king two squares over to rook and your rook moves to cover the king’s other side. These cool chess tricks will help you attack the opponent’s king if he fails to castle his king and save your king at the same time! 

3. Always Be Aware Of Traps

The most integral tip for winning a chess game is alertness. If you slack out or feel like you’ve got it in the thumb of your hand then you are making a mistake. Be on your toes and deliberate what your opponent must be thinking. Is he or she laying traps? The observation of your opponent’s tactics will provide the plan of action for you to win the chess game, and win it like a pro! 

Here is where Garry Kasparov, Russian Chess Grandmaster and former world chess champion lesson on tricks to win chess comes in. He says, “Don’t forget that chess is a two player game. Your strategy may be undone by your opponent if you don’t disguise your true intentions and create multiple threats” we got it chess grandmaster! 

4. Attack when your opponent least expects it

Middle game is the battle ground for attackers, all your chess pieces are out and about and this is the time your opponent spends planning their escape towards your king. Move as many pieces as you can into the line of attack without disturbing the castle defence around your own king. A minor fault and you will get your check to seal the victory with simple tricks to win chess. 

5. Find the worth of each piece on your board

We wouldn’t call this a trick per se, because it really is a smart move. While planning your next move on the chessboard, understand the worth each chess piece in the chess set brings for you. Losing pieces in chess is incredibly easy so you need to make wise decisions when swapping players. The mating of some players can actually bring you to the chess endgame so make sure you don’t trade a rook or a bishop only to save a pawn! 

Magnus Carlsen, the current chess world champion also highlighted the value of various chess pieces in one of his interviews, he said, “learn basic mating technique, like mating with queen and rook or two rooks and queen against the king is very useful as it gives you a lot of confidence that you can finish off the game” So, there we have it! Make sure to keep your rooks and queens close if you wish to learn the best chess tricks.

6. Patience is your best friend

Chess is one the most incredible brain development games, and rightfully so because it requires you to observe, think, plan and attack. Patience is the key trick to win chess, consider it the most vital one too! If you play too fast without putting adequate thought into the next move, you are bound to lose! So slow and steady wins the race with this chess board game

These were the 6 cool tricks and tips to play and win chess like a pro, and have fun while you’re at it! If you are looking for a classic wooden chess set then don’t forget to check out the sheesham wooden chess set from our collection and practice all the chess tricks you’ve learned!  

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