Benefits of Encouraging Independent Play in Children Through Block Puzzles

Encouraging independent play has many positive outlooks when it comes to children, and we are here to discover how block puzzles or playing with building blocks benefits children. 

What is Independent play? 

Independent play is a vital part of the routine for kids because it gives them a chance to make autonomous decisions that encourage them to solve problems on their own. Self-play or independent play leads kids to discover their surroundings and relay leadership skills. It contributes to their development as liberal growing human beings and also encourages them to believe in their self-esteem when others are not around to make decisions for them. 

As we all must know, building blocks are one of the first toys and games that kids play with. They are overall responsible for fueling the creativity and imagination in children, but that’s not all. They also encourage independent play in children which has innumerable benefits as the kids start growing up. So if you are wondering about what building blocks do, here are some benefits that independent play with block puzzles brings forth: 

1. Induces reasoning and logical behavior

Self-play or independent play in children marks a journey of growth, and we say it from proven studies. Kids who engage in independent play display more logical reasoning than kids who have someone to make decisions for them. Playing with building blocks encourages children to explore the various terms of reasons as to why this block will go on the particular block, which guarantees an increase in critical thinking skills. 

2. Fuels their personal imagination

Block puzzles are one way of fueling your child’s imagination. These building blocks or colorful blocks equip children with tools through which they can create shapes, sizes, and objects out of their own imagination. This is where the concept of open-ended toys comes in. Independent play is a vital component of encouraging imagination and creativity in children as solitary activities give them more freedom to explore. 

3. Develops motor skills 

Another benefit of encouraging independent play in children is that it helps develop their fine motor skills along with their gross motor skills. Evidently, you would be required to supervise the toys and games which your kids are playing with to make sure there is nothing they can consume but independent play forces them to carry, fix and think about the toys at hand which increases development in children. 

4. Social development in children 

The first step in ensuring that your kids are ready to face challenging social situations is making sure they are comfortable with themselves. Improving social development in children is a journey of self-acceptance and self-growth which is something that encouraging independent play might help you achieve. So, if you need to improve social development in children then we suggest self-play with building blocks or block puzzles, which are also fun games to play. 

5. Prepares for future responsibilities 

Engaging in independent play as a kid improves problem solving behavior and critical thinking abilities. These skills are something that comes in handy when we wish to prepare our children for future responsibilities. Thus, self-play is one way of making sure that our kids are ready to tackle the ways of the world as they grow up. 

These were the 5 benefits of
encouraging independent play in children through block puzzles and puzzle games, or building blocks. You can also read our blog on how have brain puzzles evolved over the years for more information on puzzles for kids. 

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