Learning Games for 3-Year-Old Kids

Here are 6 learning games for 3 years old kids especially curated from our wide collection of toys and games keeping in mind the developmental needs of your little ones:


  1. Magnetic White & Black Easel Board

Basic language and numerical skills are just as important as building basic creative thinking power in children. Magnetic Easel is a 3-in-1 set to help children focus on a word, object and number recognition.It also allows them to practice their reading, spelling and comprehension skills. It is an ideal tool for all young learners.


  1. Big Builder Set                                                                        Big Builder Sets

Big Builder Set provides the perfect set of building blocks to help hone your child’s basic assembly skills and color recognition. With fun stickers and easy-to-assemble blocks, the child is bound to stay occupied for long durations, while also learning along the way. The PVC-Tie bag allows for easy storage of pieces. Let the fun times build up!


  1. Intelligence Colorful High and Low Cylinder

A fun game where one has to stack the various colored cylinders in the order of their height, this game is designed to develop hand eye coordination as well as the perception of colours and height.


  1. Alphabets and numerals bucket                                         Alphabet & Numneral Bucket

Help your child learn the basics of English language and numerals with the big, fun alphabet and numerals bucket. Children can use the available letters to create simple words, or adults can use this to teach the basics and later test a child’s skills in an enjoyable way. A child can also learn numerals much the same way. Make learning fun again!


  1. Learning Kit

Help your child learn the basics of English language with this abacus-style Learning Kit(Small). The brightly colored pieces have letters on one side and associated words on the other side. Simple to use, children can use it as a way to learn the alphabets, or adults can use it as a fun way to test a child’s skills. Make learning fun! The vibrant colors will attract your kids and also bring in the fun while preparing your children for Kindergarten.


  1. Alphabet fun ABC puzzle game                                           Animal Fun Puzzle Game

Match letters of the alphabet and their sounds with the corresponding pictures and earn a beautiful reading readiness certificate. 26 two-piece matching puzzles these children favorite matching game will sharpen visual discrimination and eye-hand coordination, improve powers of observation and logical thinking and develop matching skills and perception. It is self-correcting (the card fit only when matched right) and can be played alone or in teams for great fun.


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