Learning Games for 4-Year-Old Kids

Here are 6 learning games for 4 years old kids especially curated from our wide collection of toys and games keeping in mind the developmental needs of your little ones:


  1. Music Flash Drum (with 13 sounds and 11 songs)Music Flash Drum

The dynamic lamplight is played different musical instruments and songs every time it is played. It has the option to play 13 different sounds and 11 different songs. The lamp also has fun creatures that a child can look at, every time the lamp is switched on.


  1. Wooden Magnetic Puzzle with Black and White Board            Wooden Magnetic Puzzle with black and white baord

Magnetic Puzzle Set with Black & White Board is just the unique wooden educational toy your child needs. The box is intelligently designed with a white magnetic board on one side and storage space for puzzles on the other. Children can create scenes right out of their imagination on the whiteboard by using the available magnetic puzzles. Once playtime is over, the puzzles go right back in the storage space. Time to puzzle out interesting evenings.


  1. Draw n Learn                                                   Draw and Learn

Make learning interesting with Draw n Learn white & black board. With a fun reversible board and simple stencils, children can learn and practice their basic language and number skills. Not only does this promote creativity and visualization in children, but it also makes learning an interesting activity.


  1. Wooden Clock with Maths Puzzle                Wooden Clock Maths Puzzle

Let your child learn about time, master basic mathematics concepts, and have a whole lotta fun with the wooden clock and maths puzzle kit. The movable hands can be used to teach time, while wooden block have to be fit into the corresponding slots. With this unique and amazing puzzle set, educational can become exciting again. 


  1. Wooden Intelligence Box                                    Wooden Intelligence Box

The two-in-one Wooden Intelligence Box is ideal in building your child’s cognitive skills and observational ability. With a clock on one side and different shapes carved into the other sides, the box keeps learning interesting and fun. And once playtime is over, you can simply lift the top cover and store all products inside, ensuring minimal chaos. Let’s get ready for some fun!


  1. Wooden Multi Functional Learning Box              Wooden Multifunctional learning Box

The Multi-functional Learning Box is a wooden board and box stored with all products that cater to your child’s educational needs. Whether it’s mathematical calculations, abacus set, game, or blackboard – everything that your child needs for interesting and informative sessions is right there, in one box. Well designed and durable, these wooden educational toys are a must-have. It stimulates the sensory development, helps in developing thinking ability, improves the operating ability, develops logical thinking ability, promotes hand-eye coordination & enhances the ability to identify shapes.


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