Learning Games for 5-Year-Old Kids

Here are 6 learning games for 5 years old kids especially curated from our wide collection of toys and games keeping in mind the developmental needs of your little ones:


  1. Wooden Flag Puzzle Game

Wooden Flag Puzzle

    This unique and one of a kind game is not only super interesting but extremely knowledgeable (not the boring kind, I promise) as well. You just have to guess what countries the given flags belong to. Not only will you learn about countries, you might even find your next vacation destination too!


    1. Super Projector

    Super Projector Light Toy for kids DIY drawing

      Watch your little one channel their inner artists and let their imagination flow freely as they bring out their creative side with this Super Projector. This super fun game projects multiple designs on sheets for your children to recreate while also allowing them to add their creative element as well.


      1. 18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn

      Unleash your child’s creativity with the 18 in 1 Magnetic set. Your child and you can together make as many as 18 pre-listed models with the 50 available magnetic accessories. You and your child can even create altogether new models, use the unique playing surface as a writing board, and just have a whole lot of fun with this interactive and educational game set.


      1. Word Building Game

      Word Building Game for kids

        Think you’re the next Wordsmith? Then this is the new fun platform to test your word building skills. The objective of the game is to build words and score maximum points. There are various different ways in which the scores can be increased, that makes this seemingly basic game an intelligent play and helps players build on their vocabulary skills.


        1. Kids Educational Laptop

        This children’s laptop is a great tool to help children learn and let them have fun at the same time. Children can work with the keypad and LCD screen and play nearly 20 different activities – all of which are both educational and entertaining. This is an ideal product for all young children.


        1. Globus 606 Globe

        Globe for kids abults teens educational toy room decoration

          A spinning globe with scratch-proof surface, the Globus 606 provides clear geographical details of all the continents, countries, oceans, and everything else on earth. The stand allows the globe to be easily placed on any flat surface. The globe also comes with time scale and instruction sheet, making it easy to use. Globus brings to you this political world globe that rotates pretty much like how our earth does. Have the world at your fingertips for endless journeys of fun and learning.


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