3D Best Wishes Cracker Card
3D Best Wishes Cracker Card
3D Best Wishes Cracker Card
3D Best Wishes Cracker Card
3D Best Wishes Cracker Card

3D Best Wishes Cracker Card

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Product Information

Have a friend or a loved one leaving the country for a better opportunity and you want to tell them how much you will miss them but end up choking on words? Well, thank god you came across this product to save your back! 

In a world where people barely even text, use this card to express how you feel to your loved ones!  be the person who brings the birthday person a real card that they will have and cherish forever. Use this beautiful 3D card for your loved ones to show them your affection. 

Tried your hands on making a card for your loved one for their special event but were left with a failed attempt at a card that now looks like a lump of origami paper mache drenched in glue or have limited artistic talents but still want to give a card that shows your love? Snooplay got your back! 

What’s better than a card? Of course a 3D card! In almost anything you see, you will find that it is always the 3D version of the product that is better! It is for the simple reason that they are interactive and create a sense of excitement and seem more real than its sad 2D version. 

How to use:

  • This unisex card is perfect for all ages and for every occasion and hence can be given as a gift to children and also makes a great gift for adults. Gifts are all kinds but gifts for loved ones should be chosen carefully. Sometimes it happens even so that you already have a gift but you feel like you need something more to complete it? This 3D Card got your back!

  • This card is for all is a gift for every occasion, to be given to children 5 years and above or even adults. This unisex card is perfect for all and hence you don’t need to stress over the choice of gifts available on the internet. A simple card that tells your friends and family that you appreciate them being in your life, it couldn’t get easier than that!  

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  • Age: All age group (Not suitable for kids below 3 years)
  • Contents: One 3D Best Wishes Cracker Card
  • Product Dimensions: The card dimensions are 21.5 cm (length) x 11.5 cm (width) | The height when the card opens is 7 cm.
  • Material: Craft Paper
  • Category : Home & Lifestyle
  • Related Category : Quirky Gifts, 3D Mugs, Keychains
  • Country of Origin : China
  • The color of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you

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