Animal Puzzle (Series 2) - Set of 4 Jigsaw Puzzles
Animal Puzzle (Series 2) - Set of 4 Jigsaw Puzzles

Animal Puzzle (Series 2) - Set of 4 Jigsaw Puzzles

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Product Information

Have you been looking for the perfect puzzle game for kids? Your wait is over.  By the small kids puzzle game Animal Puzzle (series 2) you and make sure your kid has the best fun solving these amazing kids animal puzzles. If you are a child the big time  puzzle games in brain teasers enthusiast then you must get him or her the most fantabulous animal puzzle game.  These puzzle games will help your child not only in sharpening his skills of solving puzzle games but also in learning about new animals and how they look. Your child will learn about Pandas, Kangaroo, Zebra, and tigers in this game for kids. They will also receive a free poster to colour, with this puzzle game. the animal puzzle series 2 contains four sets of self correcting Jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle will have 5, 7, 9 or 12  pieces. Colourful set of small kids puzzles range from easy to difficult. 

Your child could be the next big  dissectologist. Yes! that is someone who loves solving puzzles. The kids puzzle game will help in enhancing hand eye coordination,  cognitive skills, problem solving skills, and building the ability to focus in children.  Most children these days are focused on online puzzle games at the most. But playing the animal puzzle will help your child interacting with the real world more often than just the virtual.

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How to play Animal Series jigsaw puzzle game?

  • The kids animal puzzles game is very easy to play with a little bit of assistance from the parents or a grown-up.
  • The set of puzzle is placed in front of the player.
  • Provide the player with the puzzle pieces and the image that they are to form for reference.
  • Make sure you help the player but also let them figure out the puzzle themselves.
  • It could be a great bonding session for both the parents and the kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a person who loves solving jigsaw puzzles called?

    A dissectologist! Yes, that's the word associated with people who enjoy jigsaw puzzles.

  • How many puzzles are there in this jigsaw?

    Series 2 jigsaw puzzle game has four different puzzle boards to play with.

  • Is the game suitable for kids?

    Yes, this jigsaw puzzle game is a great buy for kids!

  • How long does it take to complete the puzzle?

    The time taken to complete the jigsaw puzzle game varies from person to person, depending upon the speed of the person.

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