Anti-Monopoly Board Game
Anti-Monopoly Board Game
Anti-Monopoly Board Game
Anti-Monopoly Board Game

Anti-Monopoly Board Game

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Anti-monopoly is an amazing board game brought to you by Funskool. This unique take on the monopoly business game adds a new layer of surprise to the already enthralling game for both adults and children. The new twist is brought to monopoly by adding the concept of monopolists and free market competitors. This is what happens in real life, as the market grows there is always competition of free market competitors to break the monopolistic approach taken by some. This amazing board game teaches us the reality of our economy with a fun and thrilling approach on the monopoly style game board.

This is one of the best board games for your game night with friends and family. Be it a house party or a gathering of friends on a weekend, bring out this brilliant money game and have a blast strategizing and competing for hours. Get this brilliant business game for your children and let them have an educational and fun experience together. Get them to learn the concepts of market manipulation by the free market competitors and monopolists. Children develop superior decision making skills and understanding of economics in the process of playing this super fun board game. Get your own anti-monopoly game today and bring the heat to all parties, family game night and gathering!

Made In india

How to Play ?

  • The Funskool Anti-monopoly board game comes with 28 title cars, 25 competitor cars, 25 monopolist cards, the game board, paws, houses and apartments, the dice, paper money and an instruction booklet that teaches you all the rules you need to know before you play this amazing strategy game.

  • The rules are very similar to classical monopoly where you try to maximize your belongings and create a monopoly of resources and receive an insane cash flow. 

  • Buy and trade real estate to gain more and more sources of money, but there are traps! Just like the original monopoly business game, here there are outlets where money can flow out of your pockets and render you bankrupt.

  • The Anti-monopoly game also brings the free market competitors into the world of monopolists. These players do not want a monopoly to be formed and want there to be competition in the market forcing all the players to strategize accordingly. 

  • Finally either the free market competitors or the monopolists win the game when their side completes the objectives or players from the other group go bankrupt.