Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board
Apha Numero Board

Apha Numero Board

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If you’re wondering how to help your little munchkin learn and recognise alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes all in one fun educational toy? This 2-in-1 magnetic board is the right stop!

Number learning games are the perfect gift for your children to enhance their learning process by making it easy and interesting. 

This 2-in-1 magnetic alpha numero board consists of 29 magnetic alphabets and 10 magnetic numbers. It also has non-toxic chalk and dusters for your child to draw, scribble and play!

These help your child develop the skills to feel and recognise the alphabets and digits. You can use this knowledge game for kids as one of the counting toys or shape games in order to polish their color recognition skills and object recognition skills. It develops hand-eye coordination in your toddler. 

Our alpha numero board provides the 2-in-1 easily interchangeable magnetic sides with a comfortable working angle for your little one.

This learning board is made of non-toxic plastics of superior quality thus rendering it safe and durable. Number learning games like this alpha numero learning board are by far the most educational games for 3 year olds. It has been made specifically with no sharp edges adding up to the safety for your toddler’s play.

To avoid strain on your toddler’s eyes, the writing side is made of a subtle green colour. 

Our mini alpha numero board is suitable for all kids aged 3 years and up and has proven to be the most effective learning toy with its multi color alphabets and numbers. 

If you’re looking for a fun educational toy to bring up your child’s knowledge and significant motor skills, our mini alpha numero board is the one!

This mini alpha numero learning board being the most fun educational toy out there, is easy to carry for their little hands, doesn’t require any special installation therefore no complicated work for them!

Its as easy as it should be. So what are we really waiting for huh? 

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  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups
  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 2 Sided board (White board on one side and Black board on another), 1 Marker, 1 Duster, Chalk, Magnetic alphabets (mix of single letters and combinations)
  • Brand: Tripple Ess Toys
  • Material: Non Toxic, sturdy plastic
  • Product Dimensions (approx): The board measures 46 cm in length and 35.4 cm wide
  • Category: Learning & Educational
  • Related Category: Blocks & Puzzles, White Board & Black Board, Art & Craft Games 
  • Country of Origin: India

How to use:

  • Place the alpha numero learning board anywhere that’s comfortable for your little one and spread all multicolour alphabets and numbers around them in order to initiate the skill to feel and recognise the alphabets and numbers. 
  • kids can pick up the beautifully illustrated picture magnets and place them on the magnetic board. They can use the letter magnets to spell the word in the picture 
  • Your kid can make up small words and develop significant motor skills with the help of this alpha numero learning board which is the most fun educational toy out there!

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