Audible Cricket Ball for The Blind
Audible Cricket Ball for The Blind
Audible Cricket Ball for The Blind

Audible Cricket Ball for The Blind

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Easily the most popular sport in India, a game of cricket revolves around hitting, chasing, catching and throwing one ball. If you're visually impaired or blind, then audible cricket ball is perfect to play with. It's designed with heavy metal balls that make a sound, and visually impaired children can trace the sound to play with it. The audible rattle ball can also be used for other sports, and the design of the ball is ideal for pushing and rolling it on the floor. Don't let the fun stop.

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Product Details:


  • Perfect design for pushing and rolling around the floor.
  • Great audible rattle ball; easy to find when in motion.
  • Blind kids will have loads of fun playing all sorts of ball games with their friends.
  • Ideal for young children, blind or sighted.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is audible cricket ball?

    Audible cricket ball is made especially for the visually challenged so that they can trace the ball's location with the help of the sound it creates.

  • What is the material used?

    The audible cricket ball is made of plastic material.

  • Can it be used by adults?

    Yes, audible cricket ball can be used by kids & adults alike.

  • How is the sound created?

    The material used inside the audible cricket ball helps create a distinct sound every time the ball is thrown around.

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