Braille Chess Board Game for The Blind (Hand Painted) Wooden Board Set
Braille Chess Board Game for The Blind (Hand Painted) Wooden Board Set
Braille Chess Board Game for The Blind (Hand Painted) Wooden Board Set
Braille Chess Board Game for The Blind (Hand Painted) Wooden Board Set

Braille Chess Board Game for The Blind (Hand Painted) Wooden Board Set

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Chess or Shatranj as it is popularly known in India is a classic board game that traces its history back to 6th century India (the game was known as Chaturanga during this period). Well, the board game has its fair share of lovers, and those who can actually crack any & every move of the chess board game are bestowed with the well-deserved tag of 'mastermind'.

However, people with visual defects or low vision issues have long been deprived of the fun, magic, and mystery of the board game. Precisely why, we introduce to you Braille Chess board game. Braille chess includes chess pieces that are shaped differently and have tactile dots on top, making it easier to identify the pieces and ensuring a fun play experience. The chess board also has raised and lowered squares, allowing the player to easily move the pieces across the chess board. The best part about this chess model is that each piece has a peg design that allows it to snugly fit across the board.

Also, made of solid wood, this Braille chess board game has a smooth finish and a classy style. Don't wait, you just have to get this braille chess board game in your collection. 

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Product Details:


  •  Fully customised for play by those with eyesight issues

How to play Braille Chess board game? 

Objective: Checkmate your opponent's King!

Braille chess follows the same rules as the classic game of chess.

Firstly, set up the board game. Each opponent picks a colour and sets up the 16 pieces of that colour on his side of the chess board. (These pieces consist of the King, Queen, Rook, Bishops, Knights, and Pawns)

Next, take turns moving the pieces across the board, towards the opponent's play area.

Chess board game continues until one of the players 'checkmate' the opponent's King. 

For a step by step guide to playing chess board game, click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is chess a game of logic or intuitions?

Well, this solely depends on the player. Some players of the chess board game use logic to move their pieces, while other go just by their gut feeling!

2. Can a pawn take a queen?

Yes, pawns of the chess board game can capture rooks, bishops, knights, and even the Queen!

3. Is the wood used hollow or solid?

Braille chess board game is made of solid wood.

4. Is chess good for the brain? 

Yes, playing chess board game improves brain functioning, strategic thinking, and attention span as well. The board game also helps boost a person's memory, and cognitive activities.

5. How is braille chess different from normal chess?

The braille chess board is covered with tactile braille dots to help the visually impaired have a smooth play through touch & feel. Similarly, the pieces are also differently shaped and have a peg design for improved usage.