Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)
Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)

Chameleon Card Game (Match & Win)

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Product Information

The game of Chameleon is an amazing game for the light hearted game nights. This is a simplistic card game that is super fun to play for kids and adults. Chameleon combines the elements of a card matching and a memory game. 2-7 players can play this best card game at once. At the beginning of each hand each player chooses a random card from the deck of 54 combination cards. Each card is brightly coloured and features a number, colour and an object. There is also a wild chameleon card in the deck. One of the players becomes the dealer each round and puts down the cards face-up at a somewhat quick pace. The players have collected 3 cards having at least one of the elements in common with the 1st card they chose.

This is a super easy and amazingly fun activity for kids to play this card game with their friends on their sleepovers and indoor gatherings. If the kids are too young then an adult is preferred to be the dealer. Get this amazing card game as a gift for kids and allow them to have an absolute blast. Children can also play this super fun game with their family members strengthening the parent-kid bond in the proces. This fantastic game is also a great card game for adults. Be it a house party with friends or a game night with family, this simple and super enjoyable game is all that is needed for the people to come together. Adults can also enjoy playing this awesome game as a relaxing experience after a hard day's work. Get the Chameleon card game today and lose yourself in the fun!

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  • No. of players: 2 to 7 players
  • Age: 5 years and above
  • Contents: 55 deal cards and other accessories
  • Battery: Not required
  • Brand: Dancing Duck Games
  • Also ideal for family and friends game night
  • Party game for grown ups
  • Fun activity for kids
  • Box Dimensions:  12.7 cm x 9.6 cm x 2.5 cm (LxBxH)
  • Category- Card Games
  • Related Category- Fun Board GamesInteresting Party GamesMultiplayer Games
  • Country of Origin: India  

 How to Play?

  • The Chameleon indoor game comes with a pack of 54 combination cards and a wild chameleon card. Each combination card contains a number, a colour and an object. 
  • At the beginning of each round, all players are dealt a randomly selected combination card face-up. The aim of the game is to collect all 3 elements of the own combination card.
  • The player that receives the highest number becomes the dealer for the first round. The dealer then takes the remaining cards and deals them face up one by one in quick succession. Any player who wants the card on the top of the stack must cover it with their hand, and then name the three elements on the card. For the wild chameleon card (which counts as a substitute for any one element card), the player must call out chameleon.
  • If the player is correct, they claim the card and get to choose the dealer for the next turn. If the player fails to name all the 3 elements correctly, then they become the dealer for the next round.
  • If any player collects all three cards, each with one of the three elements on his own combination card, he/she wins the round. The first player to win 2 rounds wins this fun card game.

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