Create and Paint Windchime
Create and Paint Windchime
Create and Paint Windchime
Create and Paint Windchime

Create and Paint Windchime

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Want to get a unique gift for that little artist? Let us help you out with this Create and Paint Windchime Game!

Let your child display his creativity to the world with this exciting moulding and paint kit. Children create their own windchimes, right from scratch. The process is simple and requires just 3 steps – moulding the figure with the use of available moulds, painting the final product, and attaching the chimes.

The children may need help initially, but with practice, the sound of their personal windchimes will be a delight to hear!

Why wait? Bring this  Windchime Game right away and watch your kids chime with joy!

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How to play Create & Paint Windchime game?

Mix the plaster & pour it into the moulds.

Set the moulds aside to dry.

Paint your creations once they are done drying.

Don't forget to add some glitters for the sparkle!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it suitable for 6 year old kids?

Yes. Create & Paint Windchimes game is suitable for kids aged 5 years & above.

2. What is the use of wind chimes? 

Windchimes are generally used as decoration items for home. It is also believed that windchimes bring good luck & are used in Feng Shui.

3. Is the material used safe?

Yes. This windchimes game is made keeping in mind the health & safety of kids. However, adult supervision is recommended while using the plaster.

4. Can this be given as a birthday gift?

Yes. Create & paint windchimes game makes for a really fun & creative birthday gift.

5. Does this product require a battery?

No. Windchimes game does not require a battery.