Digit Fidget
Digit Fidget
Digit Fidget
Digit Fidget
Digit Fidget

Digit Fidget

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Digit Fidget is a fidget toy that helps provide adequate sensory feedback and improve finger strength. A cord with a plastic bead is laced through stretch tunnels. The person using the fidget or felt ring can use it with either hand, and then move the bead through the tunnels. It helps with bilateral manipulation, because it can be used by both hands. This developmental toy helps in improving thumb-finger coordination, and develops finger strength. It's also a quiet fidget toy, which can be easily folded and stored in pockets. This makes it ideal for classroom use as well.

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Product Details:

  • Age: Children of any age group
  • Contents: 1 piece Digit Fidget
  • Material: Felt ring with a plastic bead captivated on a cord laced through stretch fabric tunnels
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1” W x 16” in circumference.
  • Brand: HandiThings

  • Eases Sensory Discomfort
  • Can Promote Lead-Assist Hand Patterns
  • Improves Finger Manipulation
  • Develops Finger Strengthening
  • Can Increase Bilateral Manipulation (ability to coordinate both sides of the body in a controlled & organised manner)
The user stabilizes the ring in the palm of either hand then moves the bead along the cord & through the small square tunnels, coordinating thumb and finger movement to the end.

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