Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy

Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy

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Dino Popper is a finger strengthening toy that is child-safe, soft and can be played both indoors or outside! When the player squeezes this cute little dinosaur's marble depressions and watch the balls go flying! The harder you squeeze, the further the balls fly! It is a brilliant sensory toy that encourages the player to exercise their fine motor skills and practice hand-eye coordination with this unisex educational toy! Similarly, this toy will massively improve the dexterity of the player, whether of any age. So it even makes for a great dexterity toy for the differently-abled. 

Sensory toys help children with autism calm down, relax, and even aid in focus, and in any situation. Continuous playing with sensory aiding toys helps the children and adults with autism to grasp objects with decreased discomfort and fear, eventually allowing them to play naturally. Some studies have also shown that sensory toys help in developing social learning skills like sharing and adjusting better. This toy is safe for children to play with soft material that is easily squished upon pressure! 

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  • Age: All age groups (not recommended for children below 3 years) 
  • Contents: 1 Dino Popper- Pop it Fidget Toy
  • Battery: Not required
  • Dimensions (Approx.): 19 cm x 13 cm (l x b)
  • Category: New Born Toys
  • Related Category: Gifts for BoysGifts for Girls
  • Country of Origin: China

How to Use?

  • This Dino popper is a fidget toy and is a great unisex gift for boys, gift for girls, gift for children, gift for birthday, gift for all kids, gift for boys, and gift for every occasion.  Add this toy to your collection of toys! 
  • Use this toy as a gift for girls, gift for boys, gift for children with autism, gift for teenagers with autism, gift for adults with autism, and even as a gift for children above the age of 3. 
  • A different version of this game could also be a drinking game! Imagine two players competing at the same time and the one who finishes last has to take a shot of alcohol, this will instantly make your night not just fun but also memorable for your guests also! 

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