Dino Twist Card Game
Dino Twist Card Game
Dino Twist Card Game
Dino Twist Card Game
Dino Twist Card Game
Dino Twist Card Game

Dino Twist Card Game

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Product Information

If you want a banger of a card game that rocks every house party you bring it to, then you have landed at the right place. Buy the amazing Dino Twist card game today and strategize to play against your friends and family. The Dino Twist card game can be played by 2 to 6 players at once. The main aim of this brilliant strategy game is to fill your own island by collecting the best dinosaurs from the Twist Island by competing for them with your opponents.

This is the best game for your game nights and house parties. The Dino Twist card game merges the accessibility of a card with the intricacies and strategizing elements of a board game. The objective of the game is to contest with your opponents to collect the best dinosaurs from the Twist Island and take them on your own to build the island with the most powerful dinos. This game is super fun to play indoors with friends as the rules of cancellation and doubling cards add to the friendly banter that fuels the enjoyment. Dino Twist is also one of the best card games for kids. The colorful dino cards and the easy-to-understand concept of the game make it a favorite card game for the children. The bonus cards in this amazing strategy card game add an element of surprise and can prove to be a game-changer. If you want to be the heart of any party, sleepover, or game night with the family, get your own supercool Dino Twist game now!

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  • No. of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Age: 7 years and above
  • Contents: 165 cards
  • Battery: Not required
  • Brand: Dancing Duck Games
  • Also ideal for family and friends game night
  • Box Dimensions:  21 x 14 x 3.8 cm ( LxBxH)
  • Category- Card Games
  • Related Category- Fun Board GamesInteresting Party GamesMultiplayer Games
  • Country of Origin: India

How to play?

  1. Separate the 108 dino backs (with 4 dinos images), 32 game set-up cards with volcano backs (green and black backs), and 25 event cards with meteor backs (red and black backs). 

  2. Each player of the Dino Twist game is handed with 7 dino cards and 1 graveyard card, to begin with. The Twist Island is set up in the middle using set-up cards with 9 dino cards around the main island card.

  3. There are also multiple event cards that affect the strategy in the game. There are 11 turns in the game. At the beginning of each turn, you reveal an event that applies to all players (except in the first turn). The Big Rock Card is placed beneath the 10 event cards. 

  4. At the start of a round each player chooses 1 or 2 cards from their hand and reveals them simultaneously. From the lowest number to the highest number, the players get their turn to win the dinos.

  5. Each player on their turn uses their played card to beat a certain card from the Twist Island and take it with them to their own island. The bigger card then becomes a part of the Twist Island while the smaller card becomes a part of the player’s own collection at the spot where it was on the Twist island. 

  6. When a player plays 2 cards, then the bigger of the two played cards is discarded while the smaller one becomes a part of the Twist Island. The card that was beaten from the island is taken by the player to their own island. 

  7. If in a turn you cannot win any of the cards from the Twist Island or if two players play the exact same card in a round, then the cards go to the graveyard and earn 2 points per card at the end of the game.

  8. The 1st player to get a dinosaur in all the spots around their own island card gets a +10 victory point. The 2nd player gets +5 and the 3rd gets +3. At the end of the game whoever has the most claw symbols on their dino cards gets +7 points. 

  9. At the end of the game, players add up all the points earned from the dino cards around their island, points from the cards in the graveyard and bonus points. The player with the most points wins the game.

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