The yellow coloured  centy dumper toy truck with a pull back feature.
The dumper truck toy will pull back feature and a tilt able tray that tilts when the lever is pulled.
The dumper truck toy with intricate detailing, yellow in colour and has a human fitted inside.
Dumper truck toy with a pull back feature, perfect for those who like to pretend play as a construction worker.
The mini dumper truck toy for kids who enjoy playing with pull back toys.
Dumper Truck Toy that makes a great collectible and an addition to your miniature toy set.
The back side of the dumper truck toy that comes with a tilt able tray which tilt when the lever is pulled.
The dumper truck toy with a pull back feature that comes with a complimentary jute pouch.
The dumper toy truck with a pull back feature of height 4.4 inches.

Dumper Truck Toy (Pull Back Toy) with Complimentary Jute Pouch

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Are you wondering what would be the best toy that will be enjoyable and at the same time help your child understand the world around different occupations? The Centy Toys Al Dumper truck Toy should be your choice. This toy with pullback action and a tilt able tray that tilts when the lever is pulled, will be an inspiration for your child to keep his surrounding green and clean. 

The toy truck is a made in India quality product with intricate details. It comes in a realistic yellow hue and has a human figure fitted inside. The child would feel like the toy is as real as any dumper they see on the road. Your kid will enjoy the mini toy if he likes to pretend play as a construction worker or someone who manages a dumper. 

Toys and games are fun ways to initiate them into the world around them. Toy trucks like Centy Al Dumper give the children an idea about the world. There are occupations and roles in society that they need to be introduced to. 

battery not required  Made In india

  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups
  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 1 AL Dumper Truck Toy (Pull back Toy) with 1 Free Jute Pouch
  • Battery: Not required
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic
  • Brand: Centy
  • Product Dimensions: 11 cm (length) x 5.5 cm (width) x 6.5 cm (height)
  • Country of Origin: India
  • The color of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you
  • Category: Toy Cars, Trains and Other Vehicles 
  • Related Category: Diecast Cars and BikesPull Along Toys and Friction Toys

How to use it?

  • This mini truck is the perfect toy for kids if your child enjoys playing wit pull back toys. A tilt-able tray which tilts when the lever is pulled, is attached to the mini toy, on which they can place objects, pullback the toy vehicle and then dump the article, just like a real dumper. 

  • The toy truck would be a great addition to a miniature toy set. Imagine an entire collection of toy vehicles, set up to look like a city. This is a quality toy that you need to get your hands on.