Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards
Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards
Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards
Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards
Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards
Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards

Gold Plated Luxury Playing Cards

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Product Information

Get addicted to the fun gold plated card game!

Yes. Be it a chill evening scene with friends, a fun family get together, or a lazy Sunday afternoon, this card game fits all scenes. What more would you ask for than a card game that can be played with anyone & everyone, regardless of their age?! Also, gold plated card game comes in a compact pack, making it easy for you to take it along- anywhere, everywhere. Whether it's a bus ride, a train journey, picnic scenes, or your cosy comfy bed, gold plated card game created zero hassle, 100 % fun.

Enjoy a regal feel with the gold plated classy finish.
Grab this fun card game right away. We bet you'll never stop playing!

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How to play Luxury Card Games?

  • Well, you can indulge in various versions of the card game with this set of playing cards. Some of the popular ones that we all know of are Bluff, Teen- Do- Paanch, Rummy, Satte pe Satta, etc.
  • Here, we'll discuss how to play the bluff version of the card game.
  • Distribute the playing cards equally among all the players.
  • The card game starts by a player dealing up to 4 playing cards at a time & claiming them to be a set (eg 4 kings, 2 aces, 3 jacks)
  • If any other player suspects the genuineness of the card dealt by a player, they can challenge the player to show their playing cards.
  • If the set of card turns up to be genuine then the player who challenged or tried to call the bluff has to collect all the cards on the table.
  • If the set of cards dealt was not genuine, the player who bluffed has to collect all the cards.
  • The player who is left with no playing cards wins the bluff card game.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How many cards are there in one deck of playing cards?

    Each deck of luxury playing cards is made of 52 cards, with 13 cards of each suit (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds).

  • Is this a multiplayer game?

    Yes. Luxury card games can be played by 2 to 4 players.

  • Can the playing cards be used for party games?

    Yes. Luxury playing cards can be used to play all versions of the card game & is suitable for family get-togethers as well as party nights.

  • Is it suitable for a 5 year old?

    No. Luxury playing cards are recommended for players aged 18 years and above.

  • Which are the versions of card games that can be played with the luxury playing cards?

    Some of the several versions of card games that can be played include, but are not limited to, rummy, blackjack, bluff, satte pe satta, teen- do- paanch, etc.

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